No to quasit are alike. Having said that, most are small humanoids about two hands tall, coalesced from ‘putrid essences’, either by a comination of necromancy, alchemy, haunting, the darkest of faerie activity, demonic possession, perversity or human sacrifice. Whatever the case is, a strong manifestation of darkness is channeled by a spell into some form, of receptacle – which can be the grave of a child, a doll, a misshapen animal, a captured fae creature.  The resulting homonculous is a manifestation of dark and unwholesome things, is fairly intelligent, and completely depends on its creator (or summoner) to exist, and dissolves into a most horrible nothingness when slain. Quasits are magically a fairly recent phenomenon, a more ‘pliable’ alternative that Imps, but needlessly darker and more malignant and a lot less predictable. Most function as magical familiars to necromancers, warlocks, wizards, magicians, sorcerors, mystics and such. 


Quicksand Marsh

Quyana River


When the famous children’s rhyme, a Qvort is a useful trained animal. These are exceptionally smart bipedal animals that can fetch objects, steal small items, open doors and follow inticate commands. They are easily trainable, very affectionate but don’t like cold much, and can die from exposure.  They are excellent as play partners, small hunters, to teach them tricks – but they claws and bite is considerable. They come in an assortment of bald or feathered, in numerous color patterns, the most common being pink and green. A Qvort is best described as a shepherd sized velociraptor or deinonychus.