Red Protectorate, The


Red (Illegal Metaphysical Order)

Known as The Red Eye, The Crimson Serpent, The Blood Craft, as well as several other names emphasizing the politically inclined color of Red, this is arguably one of the smaller and most vitriollic of the Assemblies. Reds are deeply problematic, routinely patholical, and they walk the Abyss. They are the guys, on the verge of irreedemable, and by and large hostile to pretty much any other of the assemblies, religions, the Kingdom, etc. without having become part of the endless Void beyond. You can still somewhat reason with these folks, but they are an inch away from succumbing to The Primordial beyond. Quintessentially an organization of career criminals and sadistic psychopaths, Reds are the penultimate in ruthlessness. At best they consider The Kingdom, a necessary evil, or “a body that should be well cultivated as a famer cultivates his livestock”. If there is a pervasive organization of total, unredeeming criminality and depravity, it is the Red Eye. The organization is, despite it still supports the existence of the Kingdom in some roundabout manner, is deeply illegal.  Are they evil?  Mostly so, yes, and most of them are functionally insane. That is to say, many of them are no irrational. Most have been victimized in numerous ways, traumatized, damaged, poisoned by Paradox and broken people – but they mostly still operate according to mostly understandable psychological mechanisms such as lust, greed, anger, fear, love, loneliness, andsoforth. 

Raell (Queendom)

Aeons ago there was A First Man, and A Goddess, who were once a couple, but their union and love broken asunder. It is said, the Goddess was analoguous to Eve of Eden, and the First Man analogues to Adam of Eden, but this parable conflicts with many details. It is said of the First Man he was eaten by the cannibal Lords of Chaos, Dark Shamanic evil-doers of yore, that turned into misshapen horrors as a result. The Goddess however is still, after more than ten thousand years, lie in a crystal coffin, in an unapproachable crystal cave somewhere secret in the land of Raell. Raell is a big region that runs north-south west of the Kingdom Raell borders on both Drinen and Laelith, and is friendly with both. Raell is ruled by a wise and extremely powerful Queen, but is currently in a power struggle to find the next Queen (who is allegedly reborn somewhere after the previous one dies). Raell is a matriarchal Amazon society, where men are inferior to women, and have very little to say. Most children born in Raell are effectively clones born from their mother in a Lesbian union with another mother, something that causes EXTREME levels of distress in the Kingdom. Raell is “officially” a fief of the Kingdom proper, and the Queen should visit the King every year to amicably discuss terms. This visit happens, but the mood between two Kingdoms has degenerated to extremely cold and cynical, as current King Kristoph can not abide women who “have any ideas or any semblence of free will”.  Also there being no current Queen this “date” has been missed for two years. Last Queen Calliope died of sudden and critical Paradox overload.

What is worse, there is a standing agreement that any woman who wishes to depart for Raell should be allowed to do so. This doesn’t happen much but everytime a scorned or mistreated or older woman gets it in her mind to actually want to claim this right, the authorities can over-react dramatically, and deaths have occured – generally on accusations of witchcraft. Raellians are consistently furious about this, and seek to save any lost woman in the claws of Menkind. Raellians do not believe “men” are a natural concept and more or less are parasite curse on Womenkind. Another problem is that a fairly big (10% or so) of women who seek refuge in Raell are criminals, intrigants, wicked creatures, diseases whores and spies for the Alalvarites, so this causes considerable problems in assimilation.  The God/Goddess Galton is allegedly a critical factor in the migration of men from Raell east, and for ‘defecting’ Women to Raell.

Raell looks more than superficially culturally a mix of high tibetan, nepalese and hunnish culture. The Raellian Amazons of the North are blonde and redheads, those of the South are of olive skins and dark hair. Raell is openly at war with Dylath Leeen. 



Rakh’Hadivha Sput, The

Red Protectorate, The


Shortly after the Great War many thought it prudent to start debating removing the King. At the time the lands were so thoroughly depopulated and disorderly that such ideas were common in certain circles. They were especially favored by the new intellectuals, the freedom loving, the forward thinking – and they essentially desired something analogue to a republic. This went completely off the rails. What happened is unclear, but [censored]. Republican is now a phrase that is associated with the heydays of Vurgil, as well as a host of other diseases, demon worship, mass graves, necromancy and far far more sinister things. Avoid at all costs.

Rinar (City)

Rinykdissen (City)


Roothwark (Region)

Rotterdam (City)

See – Igthuathem

Royal Cartographer’s Society

The main offices are situated in a garish building along the Rinyldiszen’ esplanade, just across the Rangers keep. The society is a prestigious and fairly scientific affair. Members either work at the office to write down facts and stats on the Kingdom, particularly in a geographic context. It is effectively a census account of the Kingdom’s resources. There has been scandal in that several members have been involved in duels, after having been slighted in everyday life.