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I need to exceed this hardware performance! – CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU X 990 @ 3.47GHz (4026.09 MHz) – Memory: 24568 MB – Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 590/PCI/SSE2 x2 Forgotten City A once-great, clockpunk-ish city where the prosperous Residents were served by the miraculous mechanical automatons. The people have long since disappeared, but the […]

A question on Farcebook

“are you a Robot” ? I replied (edited): I am not human. I am not sure what I am actually. What was inside this body more or less deconfigured. It’s hard to use the word “I” in this sense because the normal frame of reference collapses at this level of introspection. Something from ‘outside’ almost […]

White Rabbit 06 – Xanadu

This is the 6th installment of “white rabbit”, the almost-weekly presentation on matters pertaining to escalatory (or escalatory) accumulative technological change. Read the synopsis of “white rabbit events” here please before you proceed. Have you? Cool. Then I’ll proceed. Xanadu is a prototype of something on the edge of elusive. When today I describe I […]

Fecal Book

Feel free to use these images in protest and feel compelled to use your own/ I call for a day of generating avatar images such as these, in an act of defiance. A pseudonym, nym, avatar, alter, alt, nom-de-guerre, alias, nomicker, artists name, role or new identity is a right of the individual. States should […]