My New Blog! – a fresh White Rabbit Introduction

Welcome to my new blog location, at my own domain, generously facilitated by my special friend.  My first page (aside from later retroactive posts I may paste under this one from my old blog) post will be about the Second Life event by the name of “White Rabbit”.

So what is this?
White Rabbit is an event presentational format that ties in to the story theme of Alice in Wonderland, where Alice follows the white rabbit into Wonderland, and basically starts tripping balls. And there she engages a wonderful company of colorful characters.

How do I do this?
You need a fairly solid computer. You need to have a Second Life avatar. You need to have a SL client installed, either the standard one, or the Phoenix client (which I personally prefer), but there are others.You need to understand the SL interface and be able to move around in Second Life, which is no mean feat. I suggest you take some time to prepare. When you feel able to walk around a chair with your avatar, and sit in a chair, and type sentences in open chat, and teleport, you can come to the place where we meet. That’s here. Clicking that link (or “SLURL”) will teleport you to the location of the event, provided you have a Second Life client installed.

When is it?
Second Life is a game that spans the world. That means it has its own timezone, which is referred to as SLT, or “Second Life standard Time”, which corresponds to Pacific Timezone. The event is generally every Sundays afternoon 1200 SLT.

White Rabbit events are about the turbulent decades ahead of us. White Rabbit events are about one big affirmation, and the constant skirting of the big black hole (Or Jabberwocky if you will) of Transhumanism – ‘The Singularity‘. What does that mean? Well simple – “we don’t discuss the Singularity” because you can’t say much about it. But what comes before arguably may then very much more important! The premise is that we have an upwards slope of change ahead of us, that in fact we are already in a steady upwards ascent of accumulating change, and not all equally pleasant change. As our environments degrade, our politicians succumb to sclerosis and wholesale denial, our world becomes inconceivably complex, or natural resources deplete, as animal species go extinct, as weapons of mass-destruction proliferate, as the gab between haves and havenots widens, as voters become ever more apathetic, as democracies are hollowed out …. at the same time we see internet spread everywhere, nanotechnology mature, life extension and rejuvenation appear as a reality on the horizon, space colonization become marketable, robotization and automation saturate every aspect of our daily lives, as more human limbs can potentially be replaced by ever better machine parts and smarter-than-human artificial intelligence may one day become a reality… we need to decide in a hurry where we are headed.

White Rabbit may be a small speck in an ocean of people that don’t give a damn, but what else can we do? Come join us and be not like those that don’t give a damn.

The fight is on.