Allah, God, Jehova. Evil.

We must now conclude these entities are not representations ofd good in the human drive. Instead they represent an impulse towards autocratic governance, punishment, confirmity and sadism. We can’t get rid of this, since we can’t convince the people that believe in these horrible ideas to stop. The best we can do at this stage […]

What Mayans Can Teach Us About Wind Turbines

A fascinating new book reveals how, when society becomes more complex, Man substitutes belief for science – as the ancients discovered to their cost. Something is happening to us. All of us. And it’s happening at the same time. We’ve lost our ability to solve our most dangerous problems: skyrocketing debt, terrorism, natural disasters, nuclear […]

More on Farcebook

As some of you farcebook clients know I feel annoyed by some things happening there. While I suck at being a leader of any protest movement (I am an individualist) there is this page there. Non filthbook users can’t see that. My reply is this: Well, if you now so eloquently make this point I […]

Fecal Book

Feel free to use these images in protest and feel compelled to use your own/ I call for a day of generating avatar images such as these, in an act of defiance. A pseudonym, nym, avatar, alter, alt, nom-de-guerre, alias, nomicker, artists name, role or new identity is a right of the individual. States should […]

Club of Amsterdam

Despite the sluggish attempts to engage people for H+, yesterday I had the fortune to create the opportunities to create massive strides forward. Depending on what I’d assume my goals are (networking? making money? having fun? being iconoclastic? making money? leaving a lasting legacy of value? living forever? create ze better vorld for ze childrrren?) […]