More on Farcebook

As some of you farcebook clients know I feel annoyed by some things happening there. While I suck at being a leader of any protest movement (I am an individualist) there is this page there. Non filthbook users can’t see that.

My reply is this:

Well, if you now so eloquently make this point I ask you – why wouldn’t Farcebook do what it’s clients want? Why does farcebook suddenly have this odd ‘outside’ policy? What is the motive here? I mean there is an easy solution. Why wouldn’t fecalbook create two new profile categories i.e.

– “virtual persona” or “nym” (alter ego, pseudonym, alias, avatar, idealized self, role-playing character, fake identity, persona, presentational format, visage, masque, front, veneer, etc) – or
– “I wish not to be verifiable for privacy reasons”.

It would be oh so easy. By default then any standard ‘real people’ profiles would be alerted “warning – “the profile you are now adding is a person willing to tell who they really are””… sort if like a disclaimer.

I understand this whole ‘transparency’ and “participative panopticon” and “sousveillance” debate and I sympathize. There is an argument that anonymity fosters unsubtle and crass behaviour. Then again, in many cases relative anonymity saves lives…. However clearly the haphazard policies of farcebook do nothing to halt this and clearly can be explained in a far more sinister light. We have seen so many incidents where farcebook has a tendency to exclude non western ethnicities “because they sound funny”, or to act as errant boy of acutely objectionable policies of foreign autocracies.

I am now positive – anyone with any shred of sense will see that Facebook is disqualifying itself. It is not a reliable partner in social networking. I’d go as far as argue that Facebook as an entity has come under suspicion, and should be widely relinquished in favor of alternatives that cannot be so exploited.

I will no doubt be much longer on filthbook. If I don’t leave in revulsion, I will be expediently eradicated, The longer this festers, the better, since when I am entlosed quite a few other people may leave. If they do, I suggest to move to Diaspora. But eventually Vilebook may have no other recourse than to censor my presence. I am just one voice but over time I will actually cause them PR damage.