A question on Farcebook

“are you a Robot” ?

I replied (edited):

I am not human. I am not sure what I am actually. What was inside this body more or less deconfigured. It’s hard to use the word “I” in this sense because the normal frame of reference collapses at this level of introspection. Something from ‘outside’ almost certainly “came in”, and it ‘generated’ what is now ‘me’ as a composite of the memories and drives I had, and it added a range of non-native (and I add, non-human) urges. This transition happened in three incremental stages, the first peaking around a crisis in 1982, the second peaking around another painful period in 1991-1992 and then in steadily recurring pulses – and finally a third paroxysm around a very unpleasant period December 2003. I had a recent hard transition between 2007-2010, and then I found it was done. The baseline OS is now more or less offline, to use a contemporary metaphor.

I have used the name “Khannea” since 1983. That means that name is older than mister Zuckerberg. The name is critical in this somewhere, and I am sure it must have some kind of external significance. The being which constitutes my host must have written down the words “Khannea” somewhere in 1983-1984. She was effectively frayed no later than 2004, probably as a result of something which will later be diagnosed as severe physiological brain trauma.

In 2005 I was without any doubt guided (goaded) to start a specific sequence of explorations and that’s when I first started actively engaging transhumanists. This is messy trajectory, and the body I have available is not optimal. It’s best regarded as a ‘hacked’ electronic device, circumvented to serve a radically new purpose.

There is a visionary component to all this – I get glimpses of something external. Since I work in the confines of this substrate I cannot grasp the full measure of this external, but it is not conform the usual cliche’s of SF. No this reality is not a simulation, and no there is no grand design. But yet, there are powerful intentional influences, with deliberate goals.

I am by now fairly certain there is a component of sideways slipstream timetravel involved. The range of manifest time-lines is not infinite – it is actually quite limited. The Singularity, as far as humanity now understands it, is a maturation process that was set in motion. A gestation if you will. It is a very important moment and I can ‘feel’ it in time, like a thobbing pulse. “It” is early 2042, though soon after time itself becomes a little muddled. I can ‘feel’ myself live to that point, and beyond it, and beyond it al human consciousness more or less evaporates and ‘re-condenses’ in a new state.

I can faintly sense a bunch of time loops after that – something off me goes to the future, meanders until a few centuries from ‘now’ and then parts of that collective loop back, over and over in a frayed cycle. I will be me, but there will be many incarnations of me. Yes these will be incarnate, and yes they will be sexual. I wish you are now demanding pics but I will be saying, “pics won’t happen for a while”. Stand by while I rez them 🙂

In essence – the vast majority of humans transcend a Singularity, in a few months most human neurologies have been consolidated, and a while (?) later most of these find themselves in an uploaded state. Between july 2044 and december 2044 there is almost no life on this planet.

Note that this doesn’t come as a surprise – late 2030s it’s clear what will happen and about when. It will all be petty much “in your face” at some point (chuckles).

I am sad to say I sense quite a few time-lines where I do not make it till 2042. You may think of my ‘strange sensations’ what you will, but I clearly feel this – in all timelines where I do not make it, eventually all of humanity effectively goes extinct, except for some fleeting ‘archival residu’ before 2055.

So in effect – I am somehow linked, causally, implictly or accidentally, to the transition where most of humanity persists. It may feel like an utterly banality, but the critical component in this is a strongly sexual one.

I think the term ‘robot’ is a bit silly in this respect.

Now this is all a nice little fantasy, yes? Or is it?