White Rabbit 06 – Xanadu

This is the 6th installment of “white rabbit”, the almost-weekly presentation on matters pertaining to escalatory (or escalatory) accumulative technological change. Read the synopsis of “white rabbit events” here please before you proceed.

Have you? Cool. Then I’ll proceed.

Xanadu is a prototype of something on the edge of elusive. When today I describe I will use poetic allegories, references, in-jokes, wordplays, rhetorical devices, evasions and wooly pretentious evasions. No I will not say in this blog was Xanadu is. And, the point is, it is in large part something I cannot adequately describe in 2011 terms. I can only divulge Xanadu exists in 2026, 15 years from now, and precisely halfway to 2041. And I have good news for all you present here. Yes – a form of time travel is possible under very precise conditions, and yes, this process requires technology and intelligence only possible to achieve in a future instance which we would naively term 2170, if it weren’t the case that in the early 21st century (after the 4th consecutive singularity – the 3rd one was hilarious btw.) adjacent time-lines are being consolidated, matter from there is being imported into this one, and space-time itself is not what it used to be. So yes, I can let you all know that all the consciousnesses you represent will take part in positive singular state.

Xanadu is one of those critical eddies in the flow of spacetime, and today’s presentation takes the form of a brainstorm. That means interactivity is strongly invited, and diversified input along the lines of the “thinking hat” method would be nice but by no means obligatory.


Xanadu will be, implicitly the stepping stone towards the Singularity. But it was (will be) touch and go there for a while. Xanadu almost made some very wrong decisions in 2026. What will Xanadu be like? Please help us all visualise a realistic Xanadu, but without abstract over-analysis. I’d like things to be holistic and immersionistic.

Sunday, 22 May 2011. Yes, the Landmark was here.

Yah sorry had to add that crap 🙂