Also known as “the cost”, all types of magic have a price, consequence of cost. Also known as Sin, Scoyrge, Dissoance, Blight, Curse (as well as many other names),  the act of forcing metaphysical principles to manifest into magtic can be crude and bruteforce and causes a contamination in discrete quanta of paradox. This cost gets exponentally worse – the contamination bursts and occasionally releases in “scripts” of manifested paradox. Each such script has a strength and a durability. A one paradox quantum script is a nuisance, at 10 paradox it is a massive blighted curse than can destroy a life. Such scripts dissipate quickly but some can linger when active for hours, weeks, months or years – and in some cases haunt entire bloodlines.  A few spellcasters (priests among others) are  versed in removing small amounts of other people’s Paradox, (“Sin”), burned it away in “controlled scripts”, or “stigmata”, an act known as “confession”.  Since it is not always visible how much Paradox a spellcaster has accumulated, and what scripts are active, spellcasters can be truly terrified of Paradox amd go through great lengths to avoid it.  It is known that the human race has since the Vurgil plague become a carrier of Paradox – especially crowds of humans contaminate spellcasters with Paradox,  This is a main strength of humanity – hostile spellcasters should be very cautious when using spells when humans are around or can witness the effect of the magic. The Paradox lashes out from humanity like Divine Punishment. 

Paramander career

Paramanders are the tragic loner hero type, the ronin, the secretive stalker, the assassin with a heart of gold. They insist they have the bigger picture view, and as such they insist that The Biggest Problem for the Kingdom are Cthulhu and Tsathoggua. Paramanders stem from all backgrounds and quite a few are from magic caster backgrounds, taking up arms against “The Greatest Cause In The Universe”.  Paramanders emerged from rogue knights opposing the slave trade. 

Paremandyr – career


Paralj (Duchy)

Parg (Jungled Region)

Patriarch – career

Patrician – career

Pawn – career

Peaks of Thok

Peasant – career

Peon – career

Phalatome (Duchy)

Phetikalia (Magical University)

In the Sevcen Witches Coven region (it isn’t a Duchy) lie two very powerful magical organization headquarters – the staunchly Green Nonidashu, and the grimly Grey Phetikalia. To many, Phetikalia is a closed-off mystery. It does not take locals aspiring to learn the arts there, only those who are invited and who come from far and wide. Phetikalia is very old, and is deeply balanced in it’s alignment, training a wide variety of Magicians, Wizards, some Druids, some Sorcerors, Psions and (to the great distress of every noble in the region) balance paladins or “Paramanders”. Phetikalia has the active support of Anstralos. 

Pit Fiend

Plateau of Leng


Potemkin Ridge (Duchy)

Priest – career

Not all deities have access to Priests, buthaving Priests bestows considerable power to a religion. To become a Priest is a metaphysical thing, and a priest is irrevocably linked to one of a dozen or so possible Deities or Deic metaphysical fields. The most common are The King – Daevon – Galton. Alalalvrite religion has “very few” Priests (probably negligible) but managed three other spellcasting careers. All Priests have access to all services of a religion, so living as a Priest is a fairly comfortable life, but these religions demand a lot of service  and loyalty in return. The number of actual Priests (as opposed to Paladins or Clerics) is much smaller than the other endowed careers, at one in 5000 in the Kingdom, but they are venerated widely. Priests CAN learn spells in they so wish, but less than half learn anthing beyond the religious rituals. Only a small percentage of priests (less than on in 10.000 persons in the Kingdom) advance as Priests with a martial bent. To become a full-blown spellcasting priest takes over 15 years in the most common religions, but much of that is because of the religious rigamarole involved. It’s known that sometimes a religion “bumrushes” an especially talented, devout or connected individual through ordainment in under a year. 

Priests are essentially what holds a massive sprawling Kingdom of completely disjointed fiefdoms together. The priestly vocations require faith, more in the King, the Kingdom than in their specific deity. Most priests are thus human, and may be a tad humanist. The more martial variant of Priest is referred to as Cleric.


Prince – career

Procupius (Respectable Aristocratic Family)

Ptullfthanter Shifflepayle

A very obscure and mostly private Gnome Magician living in Barony Tsuly Periny in Duchy Barathor (Otherwise known as Mul). Allegedly he lives in a small house constructed on a giant turtle which sleeps most the time.  Ptullfthanter  (angelicanized to Peter) is a very old Gnome from far east, and as a child he was born as part of a slave family, and as such he is moderately phobic to humans and humanism. He is a neurotic and somewhat tragic individual, yet a talented Magician servicing the people of the wider area with usefull magics. He is a completely unmartial magician by Kingdom edict and all his spells are toolbox spells. He has a familiar in the shape of a talking bumblebee which is almost as big as himself. 

Purity Lands (Duchy)


Purple, The (Metaphysical Order)


Purple King’s Sea, The