A nagturgle is a trainable hunting and battle aimal of extreme ferociety, courage and dedication.  They are hard to train and distractable, but comparatively quite ferocious and LOUD. A Nagturgle will be audible for hundreds of meters when even slightly agitated and count as the most intmidating personal protection animals. Best descrived as a Tasmanian Devil the size of an Ovcharka. They are very difficult to discipline and sort of function as a “fore and forget” mode of attack against single targets. These will fight to the death and are fearless when frenzied. Most die young. 

Nameless Rock, the





A commonly used comparison that to learn to become a Magician takes between (depending on talent)  4-5 years. becoming a Wizard involvces more travel and soacial busywork but takes between 5 and 10 years.  Becoming a Witch requires less study but a lot more social engagement and community service and takes between 5 and 15 years. Becoming a Warlock is a lot less demanding (although the atttrition rate is a LOT higher) at 2-4 years. Comparatively, becoming a Necromancer requires a LOT less resources, talent, connections and is a lot less easier to hide. You can do it “on the side” as a surgeon, alchemyst, undertaker, pathologist or parish priest in under 2 years. Starting necromancy is subtle and best of ll – it allows  the student to fairly quickly learn spells that heal.  Thuss the number of Necromancers in the Kingdom is quite big at one in 500, but most these people will absolutely not call themselves Necromancers, but rather instead go under some professional guide as above. The stereotype of  the Dread Necromaner standing in a mass of slavering undead horrors is archaic, stigmatizing and overdone.  …. yet every so often a Necromancer is found doing something naughty, and executed on some neary town square. Necromaners use a twist on arcane principles, but Wizards and Magicians would look at their arts and frown with disgust and confusion. Necromancy is quite alchemical, obtuse and rote and uite often the Necromancer just “plugs and plays” and doesn’t understand the underlying principles. 

Necronomicon (The Most Dreadful Magical Tome)


Neogi are a race that travel by a rare type of very high flying “Levitics” (airships), and have settled very far apart regions in the Dreamlands. They are especially foul, cynical, aloof and dangerous and care absolutely nothing for other species, but can be negotiated with, from a position of relative strength. Neogi are treacherous to an extreme degree and are known to compete with moonbeasts in the slave trade. Neogi are slain on sight in the Kingdom, and King Kristoph holds a special hatred for them.

Ngranek (Mountain)


The Nhudri are gargantual animals twice the body mass of a normal Elephant at 22 tons for Bulls and 18 tons for females. Large snouted, fourlegged mammalians that can be found at various spots in the Kingdom, they are most common along the migratory range that crosses Duchy Besbodh,  Duchy Phalathome, Duchy Hlondhror, Duchy Perini, along the city of Dais Stampilla, The Principate of Gugnor and to the eventual southern bone field in the Duchy of Johaan. There the massive and terrifying herds of Nhudri are slaughtered, often by migratory butchers that come from far throughout the Kingdom (qv – Bidzishe) – Nhudri meat is very high quality, tastes well enough and is extremely hardy and longlasting to decay. It is a very common additive to Legionary diets in iron rations. (qv Indricotherium)

Nigel of the Turnips (Religious Movement)

It is known Saint Nigel of the Turnips still lives. He should be about 80 about now. It is known that 60 years ago there was an unremarkable turnip farmer in Barony Huolena, Duchy Shimanonchira – about a week by coach south east of Rinyldissen. An unremarkable man, who married his cousin (against local customs and laws) and was a footloose member of the Caluzes,  an unremarkable offshoot of the official temple of Divrith. He was described as a simpleton.  Then suddenly one day he made a casual joking comment that just magically came true and it became clear that Nigel of the Turnips had an absolute power to manifest miracles with remarkable ease. This overnight turned into a disastrous, near civil war conditions in the area. Nigel was not a wise man, a good man, of only superficial morals, and he tried to do best he could while not losing sight of his creature comforts. But was even more remarkable, when Nigel “ordained” someone as His Priest (which were mostly men – Nigel held a low opinion of women) each of these became a capable of miracles as long as that individual held Saint Nigel in high regard and followed his general edicts. Nigel ordained about two hundred such people, of which about a few dozen are still alive, and most powerful Priests. A few attempts to convey the evangelical message of Nigel have been somewhat successful and about 20 are still doing miracles and spreading an increasingly convoluted and orthodox belief in Nigel. Nigel himself travelled the Kingdom westward, living for some time in the Dominion region, where one can still encounter numerous sacred shrines where allegedly Nigel did all kinds of fairly everyday things that in turn became somehow sactified.


Nightgaunt Warrens, the

Nightwatch, the



A Kingdom controlled by a brutal “Shogunate”, far north across the Cerennian Ocean. 




Nonidashu (Magical University)

An extremely big problem for the Kingdom – an open, proud and extremely powerful, pro-female, pro-Raell witches cover smack in the Heart of the Kingdom. Nonindashu is a beautiful set of palaces deep in the woods of Seven Witches Covens, and it’s power casts a dark shadow on the greater region. To make matters worse, the witches of Nonidashu are known to wield spells that specifically turn men into women, irreversibly, and they have schemingly uses this spell on their enemies. Nonidashu primarily trains Witches, with a very small amount of Magicians and Priestesses. Phetikalia closely collaborates with the nearby Grey Phetikalia. 

Northern Oaks (Great Duchy)

Northern Vance Hills (region)

Northern Tsverikal

Northern Wyrm Road (King’s Road)