Khannea’s Dreamlands



Updated Thursday 1 November 2023

The Six Kingdoms is a large feudal state in the [[Greater Dreamlands]]. It borders Raell to the west, Tur to the North, Byzanthium, Terennu and Praetoria to the east, Dylath_Leeẽn to the southwest, and Zakarion, northeast. 

Various Human tribes have inhabited the region of the central Kingdom for fourty thousand years. A region named Senrisia was documented ten thousand years ago, although Recorded History goes back over 250.000 years. The Kingdom’s Calendar is however a bit unique. Today, The Kingdom is a Feudal Kingdom. The current KIng Kryštoph Tancred Tzekhandros Kleisthenes is not popular on account of his fickleness, his unwillingness to confront Alalvarites, his strange hobbies and his somewhat unpleasant pedantic demeanor.

The First Land is a a Powerful Kingdom, which regards humans as the norm. Parts of the Kingdom are nominally Humanist. The Kingdom of Man is largely a benevolent political entity in the central regions, but gets less ‘humane’ along the outer rims. The Kingdom is to a large degree racist and regards humanoids as either degenerate, soulless, sinister, inferior or irrelevant.

In the central Kingdom humanoids are treated fairly well. As one travels away from the central Kingdom the patchwork of uncountable little fiefdoms is riddled with bizantine local laws, and other races may be subject to scrutiny or (in some cases) violence. The eastern half still practices slavery.

Ancient humans were present in the region of the Dreamlands now referred to as the Greater Dreamlands Kingdom of Man for more than forty thousand years. 

The Underdark

Under the Dreamlands lie sprawling endless cave systems spanning the continent. These are routinely divided into six layers, for various geological, arbitrary, metaphysical reasons, and each depth state is progressively more alien and terrifyingly dangerous. The layers are generally assumed to be “about” 2,5 kilometers deeper than the typical average surface level. Note that some of these are below sea level and can be submerged in water. These layers are known by savants as the Epicthonian, the Mesocthonian, the Tarterocthonian, The Bathocthonian, the Hadecthonian, the Abyssocthonian. 

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