Animate Ushabti  (Difficulty 7+5*L)

Imbues an appropriately shaped receptacle with very simple animation.  Examples are dolls, statuettes. When cast at low level, casting time is minutes, and only appropriately shaped (hinged) dolls can be animated, volition, range and intelligence is quite mediocre, but at progressively higher levels the Ushabti can be made progressively more intelligent and conscious, have longer duration, are more persistent, stronger and more dextrous. Casting the spell is quite vulgar, and gradually but predictably contracts paradox – in particular in human centric cities. The highest level ushabti require more concentrated (engineered) receptacles and are functionally Golems.  There are several major Holons  that considerably increase functionality of this spell.  This spell is strongly associated with Wizards and Magicians. 

Arcane Missiles


A ritual that seeks to remove paradox points from a “dissonant” character. This can be the spellcaster himself. 

Awfull Doom Of Cerrit


Befriend Animal

Black Box


Bolonaths Surface


Cascades of Florin

Commune with Spell

Concentratic Rings of the Worm


Creation of Venerability

Crystal World



Dimension Door

Dissolute Mutilations (Difficulty 5+6*L)

Mutilations are permanentscars that mostly incurred as a side effects of Mortal Wounds. Scars do not naturally heal in humans, but certain careers may be trained in removing these ailments. Casting this spell takes 1 Hour per level, so is best undertaken in a temple (which would grant effective bonuses to the casting). When mutilations occur they receive a rating from 1 to 10. This is the required spell casting level for removing the effect – anything less does pretty much nothing. The spell at lv1 also removes all [Bruised] wound levels. 


Emerald Darts of Ptath, The

Enchant Mind (Difficulty 5/L – 1M/L) 

The smimplest application of the spell (D5) has the caster concentrate on a target (of preferably the same race, similar culture and broadly compatible world-view) within several (II) meters range, make a number of gestures and whisper some very soft syllables, and the magic instills a serenity in the target, and a gradually dawning sense of comfort and sympathy towards the caster. One could label this a feeling of meeting a “kindred spirit”, a strange familiarity, as if meeting someone the target must have met before. If the target is not “on guard” (or aware), the target may roll [Wilpower] or [The highest Spiritual Trait+Composure] *(other added dice or bonuses may apply) to resist the [Magic Strength Of the Spell] to resist. If the target is alert, suspicious add a straight +5; if the target is actively hostile add +10. The base Paradox is 1, and 4 if the spell is resisted.

Enchantments Trance

Endless Candle

Enter Akasha

Equilateral Screen


Expell Dox



Flaggellation (10*L)

Mostly a priestly ritual that attempts to remove the permanence of Paradox Scripts. 



Halt of Eanora


Inscribe Spells

Iron Mind





Katarien’s Heatwave

Khannea’s Mercy (Difficulty 20)

A particularly insidious spell that creates some sort of animated “missive” creature or form, that tends to “wiggle” or “hopscotch” to a person, and when it touches the skin of the person (or animal) penetrates the skin, quickly introduces paralysis, over a few hours or so transforms the  victim into a thick sphere of coagulated tissue. After a few days or so the sphere contracts, and tears open, revealing a glistening and slimy – but otherise perfectly normal baby infant version of that victim. The mind of the victim is depatterned to a very high degree, trauma and curses are “generally” lifted (unless they are “generational” and the target has a new chance to grow up, live a life. The spell is a great way to really “reset” enemies with a degree of mercy (although many would not agree). The spell cast by Khannea is appropriately banale, involving a wiggling and darting sperm cell that snakes itself to a target. 


Lace Curtains of Hish

Lambent Flame

Lassitudeof Phein

Lavender Spheres of Ptath

Living X, The



Malenkamon’s Impressive Bolt


Maws of Pandemonium

Minded (holon)




Neccorath’s Tendrils


Oblong Barrier, The

Opaque Wall


Passing Unseen

Pilgrimage (Difficulty 9*L)

Priests (and assorted subclasses) do not learn spells as to arcane spellcasters – they aquite new spells through an intentional act of Poligrimage, where the priest commences from a temple set as “origin” and travels to a temple set as “destination”. The priest must travel with full religious regalia and a degree of religious pomp and theatre (chanters, carrying a visible standard, maybe a tabernacle, (etc). Pilgrimages must take at least 15+2(level squared) kilometers of travel. Several priests can collaboratively cast the Piligrimage spell and enjoy the benefits. Pilgrame has several effects; (1) It can be used to remove Paradox Scripts ; (2) it allows the Priest to learn any any specified in advance priestly spells contained in the destination temple. 

Psionic Blast

This is NOT a spel – rather it’s one of the more powerful and iconic “Devotions” of the Psionic subdomain of magic. Psionic Blast proceeds in a 15º degree arc from the front face (forehead) of the Psion. This attack is one of the strongest and more gruesome effects created by a Psion, and can in some rare cases inflict immediate (and a rather painful) death.  



Ravening Madness, The


Seraph’s Glory

Serviceable Villein

Shrill Whispers

Silver Spray, The

Soul Stealer

Spiral Of Suth


Stupefying Blast

Sundering Hurler


Throth’s Stalwart

True Love



Viridian Wind, The

Vortex of Far Journeying




White Web of Soren

Wither Limb

Woefull Itch