Rarely seen in the inner Kingdom, a Saarki is used primarily for stealthy hunting. A tyoical one stands 150 cm tall, and is longer than that from head to beak. Similar in shape to a Qvort, a Saarki is essentially a small, bigheaded Deinonychus with thin fish eating teeth. They are among the smarter of the trainable animals, but not nearly as tough. 

Sabath Sabathean

Sade Bishop

Saeed Remetto


Salamanders are a form of elemental creature that somehow manifest in two alternating forms – the first is an actini bright speck of pure energy that darts around in the air. In this form they can incinerate wood and burn through thick doors and are thus extremely dangerous to people. The other shape of the Salamanders are a darting, levitating reptile – some are small and about as big as a newt and colored in gold and red – others are human sized and shaped as Naga. Salamanders are almost impossible to reason with and exceptionally unreasonable and stubborn.

Salome (Syrtis)

Syrtis is an immortal of great age. She is a remakably fast and adept warrior, merchant, visionary, psychic, politician, priestess of the Goddess and she is a competent enough Sorceror. Salome wanders back and forth from the Kingdom to Celephais. Even though she is sympathetic with the Kingdom’s cause, men in general, she is religiously lesbian. Best described as a distant, regal woman of considerable beauty – Salome is in the royal line to become Queen of Amazons. 

Sanchutta (Duchy)

Sanctuary (City)


A deeply insulting word many non-humans (including Aurennu, Nelra, Drow, Hobs) use to annotate and insult humans. The word is Terennu of origin and translates something like “hairless rat”.  The term is indicative ofthe intense loathing felt by many against the humans from the Kingdom. 







A major upper class family in Rinyldissen. It’s a particularly old family that used to be of much higher nobility. Procupius the Ambassador is a side branch of the current patriarch Duval Scargus.

Scryer – career

Seijṑ (Psionic Language)




The senate is a human King-appointed council of 122 King’s assistants. Senators tend to be old, and powerful. Senators do the intricacy of checking if the King hasn’t made any unwise decisions, and they maintain structure in regional governance. A typical senator comes from a military background, and is kept alive with Vitae. Some can make it to a ripe old age of 300, if they are lucky. The Senate resides in the royal protectorates south of Rissen. Traditionally no senator can ever set foot in the capital city.


Serrated Blade (Duchy)

Seven Witches Coven (Very Problematic Region)


Shinthai (Goddess)

Shinthai is the Dreamlands Kingdom Goddess of Lust, Procreation, Fertillity, the Bountiful harvest, Self-indulgence, Freedom and Health.  She is a young Goddess, less than 1500 years old, which makes her a spring chicken compared to most other religious denominations.  Her relationship with the other religions is difficult and antagonistic, and only the considerable power she projects makes it possible for many temples and followers of The Goddess to persist. Shinthai remains nevertheless unseen on Noble lands – few Dukes consider her cult acceptable and in particular Alalvarites regard her worship pretty much akin to “witchcraft”. While any Priestess of the Red Goddess is allowed to legally found a temple of Her anywhere, in practice this is pretty much impossible. Shinthai is found only near Legionairy cities or large fortesses, on or near King’s roads, or only in the bigger and more metropolitan cities.  
Shinthai is a religion for its own followers first and foremost. It treats outsiders with guarded courtesy at best and contempt more often. The communities are closeknit and matriarchal and deeply resentful of conservative society in the Kingdom. It is said that Shinthai was a child of “The” Goddess, many thousands of years ago, who preferred the companionship and love of men, but she inherited her mothers superiority complex, and thus took men as a man might take a wife.  There is no “creative” story told of Shinthai – the world simply exists and is eternal to her followers and when a person dies, that person sleeps until reborn. For her followers there is no afterlife – only a great sleep.   Shinthai signifies a pervasive and subtle political force in the Kingdom. She offers healing magics for money exclusively, in her many temples. In other words, if a person needs curative magic, anyone making payments her temple is welcome. The larger temples can cure very complex afflictions and scar tissue through prolonged ritual, but even a shrine can clear a minor disease or heal a broken bone in a matter of hours. The problem is that such curative rites always seem to involve priestesses mostly naked and  temple attendants in sexual acts, for which anyone not part of the religion is generally also expected to pay. To state the faith as facilitating “prostitution” is incorrect – only in Rissen are there prostitutes who work in the name of Shinthai (and are expected to pay a hefty percentage to the temple) but this practice is very rare outside the capital. In fact Shinthai frowns on the practice of prostitution, and especially involvement of “pimps”.  Clearly Shinthai is all about feminism, in the maternal sense. Of the early days of The Fiery Haired little is known except she travelled the lands far and wide and worked miracles and taught women. There is a large body of knowledge native to nonmagical crones that allows these women to shield from pregnancy, or abort unwanted babies, which completely freaks out the conservative elements of the Kingdom. Alalvarites label this “murder” and the protests of Alalvarite fanatics outside Shinthai communes and temples is a pretty cliche sight. Red communities are complex, somewhat isolated and clannish. They have very elaborate rituals on anything, from childbirth to burial to growing crops. Lands managed by these communities have the highest  yields of healthy food in the entire Kingdom, yet another aspect of the religion that causes envy and rivalry.  This is not merely magic at work – in some cases the communities of the Red have taken sensible ideas from whatever source they could find and exproprieted these – the agricultural habits are merely extensions of whatever approaches most tested by for instance elves.Shinthai communes are notoriously incestuous, with a range of multiple partner marriages, servile arrangements where elder men submissively court younger girls, where multiple men gang up on a single fertile (and eager!) woman to ritually beget the strongest male offspring (basicly by means of a gang bang).   The procreative rate of the religion is not all that high, or at least not as unsustainably high as with the Alalvarites, but the followers tend to be richer and considerably healthier. The Red Goddess appears as a perfectly shaped, semi-naked and volluptuous woman in her 30s, with dark olive skin and hair unnaturally red as roses, streaked with violets and pinks.  She is described as being surrounded by golden-eyed eternal children that venerate and serve her. Upon death te spirit simply sleeps a dreamless sleep. This is to most people in the Kingdom an unappealing notion, and this simple belief detracts from the religion being more influential. Also the burial practices (the deceased are bried naked in to dark soil, bound by vines upside down, head down) are regarded as a taboo. 


Shmee is a legend of centuries ago. He used to be the son of a Mordreti cattler from the western mountains. He used to be white trash mountain folk, and suffered incredible scorn from the decent folk in the Kingdom, which made Shmee turn mad. He trained to become a clandestine Wizard, wanted more power and became extremely so. Shmee was a key figure in history, as he played with magic a toy and is a symbol for all that could go wrong with a magic-user. He was plotting actively against the King before The Great War, “just for laughs”. He found The Iron Claw, applied it and shortly afterwards became a Lich. He is said to have died some years later. Shmee was literally in love with cows, to the point of physically copulating with them. 

Shyria (City)

A rich, prosperous and very peaceful city in Duch Hyllianor Guere.



A terrifying bipedal monster up to 18 meters from head to tail, and weighing up to 21 metric tons. Best described as haunched bipedal crocodiles with a large crested back fin, Sifune are fiercely territorial. A naturally riverdwelling species they hunt anything that wanders in their territory and will attack unrelenting to the death. They are regarded as “proverbially aggresive”.  Sifune have been incidentally used as shock troops or berserkers – just drop them off by a river and they will kill anything that wanders close to the water. They are triggered to the scent of blood much like Great White Sharks. Spinosaurus aegyptiacus. 


Shadowlands, The


Sharp, The

Shinthai (ligitimate Goddess)


Centuries ago lived the hellishly evil Wizard Shmee. He was a part of “The Cow Cult”, a conmon sight in the Huarals. Shmee was everything bad rolled at once – a tall lanky man with speckled beard and oversized thorax, dull red eyes and a prepensity for wrong. He discretely tested his spells in taverns, including deadly spells. He practiced necromancy as well as necrophylia. He was a pederast. He tortured slaves for sport. Over time he grew in power and became a force of intense evil in the Kingdom up to the Great War where he was said to have been assassinated by The Master. His brother Troy was long prominent as mobster assassin in Rinyldissen and survived Shmee by decades to a ripe old age, where he retired and started writing rather decent poetry in his last decade. 

Shoggoths (Extremely Dangerous Monster)

Shoggoths tend to weigh around several ton and is roughly the mass of an African elephant, but slightly denser. They are terrifying to behold, typically of a dark color, best characterized as “animate cancer”. It moves quite fast, twitching, sizzling and gives of a moist, stinking heat. In infrared an active Shoggoth is about 80 degrees Celsius. It thrusts and wharbles with an actual sense of hostility, generating limbs, organs, vocal apparatuses or sensory tools at will. When it makes a noise it’s terrifying shrill whistling, clicking or sizzling sound – this is a dialect of the Elder Thing speech. Shoggoths as a species are over a hundred million years old and are found throughout the galaxy. 

Shub Niggurath



Six, The

In the Kingdom there is a certain taboo when one says “The Six”, and with good reason. ‘The Six’ are an allusion to Six currently major metaphysical forces beyond time and space and the very fabric of reality that are titanic in their transcendance above all things known.


A very long, very deep and very wide river that runs through major parts of the Kingdom and culminates in Dylath Leeen. The river itself is mostly safe to traverese – even as it runs in the west through the western half of the Vwadithia Savage Range. The river is so broad it’s safe, but one step on the banks down south spell certain doom.  The river Skaj is of paramount strategic importance to the Kingdom, and a never-ending headache. 


One of the Avatars (qv), Skudzjada encorporates a magical tattoo of a complex Glyph depicting a monster – often a dragon of en elemental type. These tattoos tend to be quite large, often places on the back. About 10% of spellcasters have some form of Skudzjada, so these are quite common. A copy of all these tattoos are held in a bookin a magical guild, where it glows softly if the caster in question bearing the seal is still alive – so when it dulls in the associated book, it can be inscribed upon a fresh magically taught recipient. The glyph can not grant avatarship to anything but living beings. Endowment takes about a week to inscribe and requires spectacular skill and tools in tatttooing [d12/d10]. Upon inscribing quite often any lesser Avatar is “expelled”, and the benefits of the tattoo are accrued. The tattoo grants minor resistence against an element type if it involves a Dragon depiction, and -allegedly- the ability to create a minor illumination at will. There are other benefits as well. 


Slaroth (Prescribed Barbarian Deity)

The mere description of the alleged physical Slaroth is a true Abomination. Allegedly a 20 meter tall scorpion with the upper torso, wiuth a gaping vertical mouth set with teeth – the hole body is symmetrically set with horns and pincers. Slaroth is a sacred icon to all forms of resistance, independence, rebellion, freedom, anarchy, irreverence. Slarothim are the absolute trolls and disrespect everything wih every word and gesture. Slaroth is illegal in the Kingdom, but crops up in isolated communities as the ultimate hillbilly religion. Along the eastern lands, the Slarothim stand for consstant challenges to the borders of the Kingdom and is the proverbial deity for barbarians. Interesting fact – Slarothim will torture to death any slavers on-sight. 


Far far to the South West, far west of teloth and hellish Xura lies a blessed highlands known as Sona’Nyl. It’s about half as large as the Kingdom itself and it is the natural abode of the Aureannu. In this sense, Terennu is a colony of sorts of Sona’Nyl. It’s called “the blessed land of fancy”, where is “neither time nor space, neither suffering nor death”. The natural energis are pervasive and strong and everpresent, with two Heavens in the lands. Sona-Nyl is filled with green groves and pastures of bright flowers, clear streams which laugh as the sun shines off of their surfaces, stately temples, fabulous palaces, and bright cities filled with cool fountains. Its harbour is guarded by twin headlands of crystal that rise from the sea and meet in a resplendent arch. The Aureannu of Sona-Nyl have an unearthly grace about them, and move from place to place within their land without hindrance or fear. The gardens of Sona-Nyl are filled with quaint pagoda-like structures which serve as shrines to various gods. Those who leave Sona-Nyl invariably suffer great difficulties if they try to return. Most never succeed in returning — some say because the gods have cursed them for rejecting perfection. Sona Nyl is protected by the Great Wall – an ancient structure that stretches the lands for thousands of kilometers and is at times a mile high and unnaturally smooth, indestructible. Beyond  the wall lies a desert of several hundred kilometers that’s filled with horrible insects, scorpions, razorsharp glass and poisonous storms. Both the wall and the deserts surround Sona Nyl and provide ample protection gainst invaders. The Wall and the deserts serves to protect Sona Nyl in particular from Xura.  The Lich Princess of Xura is well aware of the barrier and the defenses and hungers to invade and corrupt the lands of fancy to another hellish realm of death and despair.

Sonja MacEogann

Rock bottom ruthless proprietor of the lowest of the low prostitutes, in tavern “The Red Persian”, in the malignant urban cancer “The Arena”, in the capital city of Rinyldissen. Best avoided, she is downright horrible in dozens of ways, not least of which is her barely able to ambulate obesity. 

Southern Sverikal


Spider of Leng


Sokota (Garrison City of)

Spice Road, The

One of the Great Roads that traverse the Kingdom and cast a very strong mark of power of the King and the Legions, the Spice oad is called the great road of prosperity. The road is said to start in the city of Hathzoril, and heads east through Duchy All Dancing Fillies, Duchy Franche,  Duchy Sandberg, Duchy Kujono, Duchhy Drealia, Duchy Spemn, Duchy Epiphemus, Duchy Fontroy, Fthulheim, Great Duchy Benthusia. There is some debate whether the spice road continues into Grand Duchy Kolo Thalbraik, through Duchy Villine and would terminate formally in Duchy Belgica.  It connects with the socalled “Queens Road Spur, which runs north from the Spice Road in Fthulheim. 


An extremely dangerous demonic creature, with multiple arms and a serpentine Naga body. Spyral is pure evil for evils sake, but is quite aware, sentient and independent. She plays the most cruel pranks, has her own miniature hellish realm, and is widely hated even by other demons. She is an extremely powerful Psion, Sorceror and has innate powers. She can devour souls by her dance, and can animate objects at will. Spyral never sleeps. 



Southern Sea, The

Southern Sea barrens, the

Not to be confused twith the Bohemian Barrens, which lie far north, the southern barrens is a land rife ith magic and fire. It’s a desert of an exceptionally deadly character infested ith Red Dragons and Fire Giants. These Barrens lie to the west of Dylath Leeen. It has two cities – Rotterdam and Kharkatu (the latter hich is only open to Dragonspawn and fire giants – humans are instantaneously executed there).  A few Lyyre live in these Barrens. 


In a distant past certain Big Apes were essentially animals. Then the act of taking these animals into certain “metaphyiscally acxtive zones” (such as Caerns) made these come aware. At the time there was war brewing, and the Kingdom needed soldiers and the Kingdom was rather wishy-washy about non-human right, so the armies started taking these aimals from the wild, “uplifted” them to sentience through controlled exposure,  and made them join the armies. This done with most effective with Urangutang, Gorilla, Chimpansees, some species of Gibbons and Baboons, but this practice has been perfected over time as to additionally adjust the physical shape of otherwise quadrupedal animals as to instill a humanoid frame. Sribakai are the uplifted frame of Gorilla, and despite their passive nature, vegetarian bulk are immensely powerful soldiers. They are found as shock troops that are fierecely disciplined, methodical and deadline, especially arned with specialized halberds. Sribakhai troops only serve in two Legions, and only in very spcific roles, often acting as bodyguards of high ranking officers – since they must be close to logistical supply lines, They eat a lot of food.


A trainable animal, known as being an Export product of the underlands of Drow, a Stavrodh is trainable tame spider about as big as a german shepherd, with thing spindly legs. They are black and scare most normal people half to death when scurrying by. They are frail creatures but they can ambulate on walls and ceilings, which can have its uses. When well trained they can also stalk and sneak and ambush prey. Stavrodh have a bite comparable to being attacked by killer wasps and have been known to kill people occasionally. 


Stony Desert, The

Straight of Celephais, The


A mythical city somewhere in the underworld, in a “wavelength” where Wraiths are naturally manifest. Stygia is allegedly far removed from the Dreamlands, said to be months of travel through winding pathways and routes that defy description. It is said in Stygia live mostly Wraiths  or creatures derived from Wraiths, and is a most terrifying dictatorial society where draconian punishments of the semi-material physicality of these Wraiths is commonplace. Stygia is said to be in a state of war with Byzanthium,. even though these two cityscapes are a vast distance separated. 

Succbus (Incubus)