Eastern Continent, The – Continent

East Hurals – Region

Eibon –  Mythic Warlock From Beyond Time

In the ancient ancient world of Hyperboria lived the Warlock Eibon. Relative to the Dreamlands this around when Atlantis appeared – so at least over a hundred thousand measurable years. Eibon can be described a Necromancer of sorts, and is loosely associated with a more primeval Tsathoggua (which had a much different identity that the rotting cadaverous infestaton which is Tsathoggua in this era).  His metaphysical influence persists in several arcane sources.

Eithneresh – Human Subspecies

Eltacanora – Duchy

Elder Thing – Primordial Creature

A hyper-powerful species in the galaxy that are known to be transcendentally technologically advanced, have changed very little for literal billions of years – the “An Elder Things”, or “Old Ones”, are an axiomatic alien species. They stand far above most other species. They are thus called “The First” as it is believed they were the first intelligence to emerge and spread, when the earliest planets and other environments bearing sufficient complex chemical substrates allowed for organic life …. at the very least five billion years ago. The Elder Things are powerful as gods, utterly alien and “behind everything”. They travel throughout the galaxy in giant floating cities at sub-light speed. In the past they created Dyson spheres, destroyed whole constellations at a whim, and they are said to be able to traverse into and out of black holes. Allegedly there are a half dozen of these beings in the central Dreamlands.  A single Elder Thing is about as powerful as an Archmage, but their powers would be completely post-metaphorical and counter-intuitive. Assume you will never get to actually see one. 

Elemental Sphinxes

Horrific demons half predatory beast with the upper torso of some kind of divine being. Most combine the features of a large feline with the upper torso best described as a demonic faced Elder One. Elemental Sphinxes tend to be quite big – bigger than an elephant, and very very powerful. They are far more powerful than typical Sphinxes, and seem to be strongly (though no exclusively) linked to Nyarlathotep. These are extremely intelligent monsters that are half insane from magic, that constantly live with their sight in alternative dimensions and different timelines. They are thus always characterized as Extremely Dangerous…

Eligor Coldice

Elixer Vitae

It’s very difficult to keep a political monstrisity such as the Kingdom together, and it requires a long-term vision and coherence. The Kingdom has succeeded in large part by means of a very expensive alchemical concoction that has existed in its current form for millenia. It slow aging at a normal dose and reverses aging at a high dose. A single flacon costs more than a small city block. Since its constituent components for manufacture are subject to cyclical scarcity – and as it instills chonic dependency in its users – not using it ends very badly. To NOT take Elixer Vitae once “addicted” can be “a fate worse than death”. 

Elysian Protectorate, The (Region)



Enchanted Woods, The

Endowment – ritual spell

There are three kind of people – The Voided, The Latent and the Imbued.  The voided have no talent in Magic whatsoever and will never be able to learn magic, except maybe for simple crafts such as Necromancy or the crafts of being a Mystic.  The Latent comprise about 10% or less of people and can through a ritual of  Endowment attain a familial avatar, generally one of four very common ones. Imbued people comprize about 0.5% of people and are born with an Avatar (often  a far more rare one), generally through a bloodline. Anyone who is born with an innate Avatar, or gains one through a ritual of imbuement becomes capable of using magic, and progression as a magician or wizard (or one of the rarer arcane arts). There are a few other ways of gaining imbuement (socalled Qlipothic Avatars) but these are all a bit dark, unpleasant or dangerous. 

Epitishe (Central Kingdom)


Eugene Procupius

A particularly famous legend in dipomatic circles,  Sir Eugene is affectionally regarded as the founder of the Mithirdoril method, a particularly engaging method of diplomatic discourse with outsiders, which has been exceptionally effective in creating alliances and working friendships with the Drow tribes of the underrealm city of Lodestone, the lands of Raell, and certain populations surounding the nightmarishly terrifying region of Byzanthium.  Eugene is quite old, in his 90s, and resistanct to rejuvenation with Elixer Vitae, and massively corpulent. He now resides in a manor north of the city of Speculare. It is gossipped that Procupius was at odds with the harsh interventionist approach of the Legionary military intelligence, but he was not softhearted or a gullible fool as they would have anyone believe. Eugene is retired from any active position. Some suggests he has debts.

Eucumene, The (Geographic Region)


Eye Tyrants