If you are interested in buying a paper version of this map, it’s available commercially.  Note that it is not yet finished, but even at that it is an impressive production even in its current state. The full map is currently a photoshop file of 18 gigabite, and it’s 300 DPI a fullo size of 400 centimeters wide and 200 centimeters high.  That signifies a width of about 43000 pixels from “east” to “west”, at a map scape where one pixel equates 100 meter and hence equates 4300 kilometes east to west.

I am working with MyPoster who are able to send the product as four component posters of each 150 by 100 cm. – in Europe only. There is literally nothing like this available anywhere on the planet.

I have a very serviceable deal with MyPoster at 300 EU, including P&P.

I haven’t got an ordering system i place so if you are interested please email  me for details and payment. Early orders such as these can be tweaked in considerable detail – color changes, representing or not depicting some layers of the map. I could in theory print a version with no borders, no placenames, yellowed as a medieval map, with roads – any variations are tailored to your preferences after a personalized online call.

I started working on this monstosity some 20 years ago.