Cabalist – career


A lush and vibrant forest, filled with gnarled trees and endless roots, beautiful as a painting and ancient and wondrous. Caene is a magical place with scattered pockets of fey creatures and elves, and many dangers. Trolls are a true epidemic in Caene, as there are extensive caverns under the woods everywhere, Crynnia Wood Trolls are small at around 2 meters, with pronounced fish-eating serrated teeth and huge black eyes. The elven oopulations here are mostly Nilri or “woodland” elves. Caene is toxic to Undead for some reason. Caene is part of the Dark Wood and borders the Enchanted Wood. Mortals that die in Caene are occasionally reborn as Elves or Faerie creatures.


Terrifying angelic demon women of terrifying beauty and awe, with volluptuous features, six arms.  They are over 3 meters tall.  They wield swords. These are very rare beings dedicated to Balance, and they protect the absolute sacred. They ripple and buzz and glow like furnaces and when their skin is cut deadly light and flame erupts from their insides. 


Camilla Henrietta Oald, Miss

An often discussed and maligned lady of considerable fortunes, living in the castle city of Demesne Dragonrender. She currently faces a reward of 1000 silver pound for her head, delivered in the city of Dylath Leeen, as a reward issued by the radical wing of the Humanit Party. Camilla is by no means a racial defender, but she got into an unclear fued with the Humanists and has apparently inflicted massive damages to the movement. The inheritor of a very large sum of money when her late husband died, she turned out the only legible party to receive the money, something still contested by the other claimant-heirs. She is now locked in her house and can’t even walk her garden for fear of being killed and dismembered. She is a shrewd and resourceful individual that supports various movements, She is associated with the magical guild Anstralos.


Generic – Camille (male, ‘camil’, female ‘camila’)  designating a person (often a person of indeterminate other status) as being freeborn and unbeholden (not a serf). This is not a common idea in the central Kingdom, but is very common in the perifery, where slavery (and kidnapping for slavery) as well as serfdom is still common practice. Often the terme Camile is interchanged with that of a traveling priest (male specifically) of an indeterminate denomination. Also – the term is mostly used in confunction to non-orphans under 30. 

Candle Maker – career


Candoron (City)

Cannoneer – career

Canopus  (City)

Captain – career

Carpenter – career

Cartwright – career


Castle Draaken

Castle Of The Great Ones


Castor D’Fey (Elf Species)

Cat Burglar – career


Cathuria is a legendary city and no one has been known to have ever visited it. It is said to lie far far west, beyond the Basalt Pillars of the West, beyond the void, among the stars. The city is spoken about in hushed terms as the perfect place of wonder, splendid miracles, treasures and dangers. Some claim there is no Cathuria, but some in Rinyldissen do suggest there is such a place. It is said Cathuria long since broke away from the Dreamlands, “leaving only the stars in its place”.

Cavalier – career

Cavern of Flame




Cerennian Sea

A splendid warm blue sea that at first glance looks as if it is the caribean. It is a tropical region with fabulous destinations and strangely only mildly salty. On the eastern half lie the city of Celephais.

Chadanozhe Bramble

Chamberlain – career

Champion – career

Champions are primarily martial types that stand for a cause, without immediately picking fights. Champions stand for an ethnicity, a place, a village, a city,  the la, sometimes a creed or faith. The cornerstone of Championship is a fan base, honor and a place. Champions do not travel – they defend the cause in a particular area and community.

Chandler – career

Channeller – career

Chanter – career

Mostly assorted religious good-for-nothings. Chanters start out at the very lowest ranks of a particular priestly vocation, generally along the periphery of fanatical hangers on, and move upwards on sheer vocal (loud) fanaticism. They follow processions, push for political change, protest enemies, get into petty fights with competing believers, and make loud noises that are colloquially referred to as “chanting”. 

Chaplain – career

Charlatan – career

Charles Klaus Metternich

A male allagedly living in the southern Kingdom, wandering around Speculare and west.  One of the uncountable Academicians, but allegedly an up-and-coming talent. Apparently a swordsman,  trained by the Procopius clan in “matters of state”.

Chaugnar Faugn


An uncommon animal used for personal protection and hunting, but also for warfare. The typical Cheche is about as big as a large dog, but signifiantly more dangerous. It’s essentially an oversized Honey Badger with bright yellow-black stripes. They are fiercely loyal towards their owner, and can be troublesome. Most commonly associated with veteran legionairs, tax officials on business and criminal enforcers, much like the smaller Honey Badger, a Cheche is absurdly tough but quite ornery and hard to discipline. These rquire considerable animal handling skill and a strong personality to train, operate, discipline and care for. 

Chemist – career

Chetstov (Duchy)


In a distant past certain Big Apes were essentially animals. Then the act of taking these animals into certain “metaphyiscally acxtive zones” (such as Caerns) made these come aware. At the time there was war brewing, and the Kingdom needed soldiers and the Kingdom was rather wishy-washy about non-human right, so the armies started taking these aimals from the wild, “uplifted” them to sentience through controlled exposure,  and made them join the armies. This done with most effective with Urangutang, Gorilla, Chimpansees, some species of Gibbons and Baboons, but this practice has been perfected over time as to additionally adjust the physical shape of otherwise quadrupedal animals as to instill a humanoid frame.  Chengari are derived from Baboons and comparatively these are the vicious and mean ones. They are not fully human level sentient as there is only so much you can fit in a 100 gram brain. Chenghari are found either in indular reservations, or in small shock troops, gangs or even militia. Their sentience has boosted a pathological tribal ruthlessness that’s unlike other humanoids and very distinctive in nature. There are a dozen or so subspecies of Chenghari uplifts.

Chort (Chert)

In the southeast of the Kingdom live most Chorts. They are a very diverse breed of mostly horned and hairy humanoids. Chorts do not travel much and are rarely encountered elsewhere, which is understandable as they look like demons to most people in the Kingdom. As said, Chorts are very diverse appearing from goblins-sized hairy black monkeys with horns, to tall and terrifying looking diabolical creatures with leering exaggerated expressions, fangs and glowing eyes. The Bigger Chort can be oger sized and are called Krampus. The link between Chort and Broo is quite old, but the species are quite seperated.

Chrysanthemum, The (Magical Guild, Moderately Blue)


Civilian – career

Clavenshe (Humanoid Species)

Nominally a very human seeming species, despite some differences these are humans allegedly created by magical spells. Close study of their anatomy reveals they are not in fact humans. 

Cleric – career

A person touched by a higher metaphysical force on the hierarchical pecking order of existence, generally capable of channelling codified rituals based on belief systems, cultural paradigms and often a particular cause. Clerics are often the hardier selection of religious orders and trained in supportive martial actions. They are prominent  in times of strive, and often monastic in times of peace.  They are completely dependent on what priests ordain as rites – hence a cleric in an era of peace is likely to be restricted to peacefull rites and spells, and effectively incapable  of battle casting.  All Clerics directly answer to a Priest of some sort. 

Clerk – career

Clothier – career

Clown – career

Coachman – career

Cobbler – career


Cold Waste, the

Colwyne (Sidhe, Alfar)

Colwyne are hard to pin down – they are semi-divine beings with Greater One blood, vaguely reminiscent of Elves, but much much more powerful and taller. They are a lesser species of The Sidhe, and mighty by any standard. The typical Colwyne stands over 2.20 meters tall, is strikingly beautiful, with pointy ears, mighty muscular physiques and characteristic all colored irises (no eye whites) that sparkle like gems. Colwyne are innately magical creatures. They culture is alien, and is said to blend aspects of African, Celtic, American Indian. 

Comedian – career

Commando – career

Commoner – career

Companion – career


In the Drealands there is no discrete terrestrial curvature – the land is assumed to be euclidian flat and extends in all directions as a flat surface – although is said to have an edge in the far west. As such there are no discrete magetic poles. There are however Lodestones of a more magical character that designate “directions” to a specific spot of locale. The most common such ‘Compass’ aims “North” which signifies Kadath in the Cold Waste. There are other such compasses, for all major cities and locales. A Compass is available manufactured in the capital city that reliably aims its North to the nave in the Domus Operis of the city.  The most other commonly used ones aim to Laelith,  Dylath Leeen or Zakarion.  There are also “Hell Needles” that aim towards specific (or the most nearby) Hell region. There is also a Compass type that aims towards either the nearest (or most powerful nearby) Caern, or to “any nearby place where great evil was done and much suffering experienced”.  

Conjurer – career

Consolatoria (Duchy)

Constable – career

Constanze Rogiere Principe Oald

Born of  Terrazon Oald, the rather infamous travelling Courtesane, and Court attending Lord Aleister Metternich of House Metternich, one of the landed gentry. Lord Aleister in died Dylath Leen some 14 years ago, allegedly of poisoning or thuggery, and Constanze was raised by the Fencingmaster of Speculare. Described as an inconvenient foppish lad of marginal charm, he doesn’t have a particularly delightful reputation for philandering, sodomy and has a taste for underage girls. Constanze is however a genius in literary matters and despite his young age (27) is famous for his calligraphy. He is a well-skilled swordsman, favoring the sabre. Constanze occasionally visits his birth city  not far from castle Dragonrender, but is widely loathed by all of his family, a great embarrasment and a bastard and his mother more or less a whore. He has been described as irredemably vindictive and petty and prone to anger attacks. Constanze has however aquired several large mansions in the worst parts of Dylath Leeen “absolutely nobody wanted”, and has become rich with housing speculation. He is indispensible in the diplomatic mission of the Kingdom to the city of Dylath Leeen – and everyone hates him for it.

Conquerer – career

Contemplative – career

Cook – career

Cooper – career

Copper (Metal)

Copper (Great Duchy)

Cordwainer – career

Cottager – career

Count – career

Counterfitter – career

Courtesan – career

Courtier – career

Covenant of Abashtorn

A very very bad place infested by the most gruesome darkness. not far from Ogrothan.

Cow Cult, The

Crag Of The Ghouls


Crown (Coin)

Crusader – career


When Cthonians are discussed, the Kingdom sounds alarm bells, rallies the legions and declares a state of emergency. The “typical” Cthonian is about as heavy as a Blue whale, violently burrows up from the undersoil, can tear a small city apart, and may have the most bewildering and confusing magical abilities. There is some Cthonian activity in the Northwest of the Kingdom and apparently these things are quite intelligent and have been known to communicate with and close deals with with Wizards (!). Best described as what you get when you make a blood worm about as big as a naval vessel. They are essentially a acutely intelligent species of giant worms. They occur in the Dreamlands and inhabit several ten thousand planets in the galaxy. The smallest ones encountered are about as big as a building, but there are ancient records of specimen bigger than a three galleons. They pulse, elongate, tense, tremble, swell up, extend and their insides are extremely complex, intricate and tough. They are next to impossible to kill except with very big explosions. The general outline is cylindrical, tapering to the posterior and the front end (?) is either a slimy hole set with teeth, a mass of tentacles, or a thick stump set with organs – and this can quickly transform from one state into the other. There are no recognizable eyes. 


Cultist – career

Cup Bearer – career

Cuppar Nombo

Cursed Zone, The

Why are you even reading this? Stop reading this! …

In the Nothern Kingdom, north of the Kenoni Hills, north of Archduchy Khoo, east of Yeeneyola, Marquizate, Paelaqor, Marquizate, south-east of Loakron, Marquizate, west of Draaken, Great-Duchy lies the cursed zone. It is composed of several former duchies that were left depopulated, although it’s unclear by what effect. Quite often maps of the Northern Kingdom simply ignore the Cured Zone.

Curse, The (Illicit Religion)


The tradition of Cutri is a type of cemetery practice about 1400 years old, but originates from earlier versions of burying the deceased. Cutrichai is strongly linked with the religion of Alalvar, but not exclusively so. Cutrichai states the dead will one day return from death upon interment. This has spurred on the de believers in Cutrichai to go out of their way for hundreds of years to bury the dead linked to the religion in underground mausoleums, in a manner that would allow the risen to escape the tomb having return to life. Selection criteria are implemented to make sure only living people rise, and undead who animate are kept secure.
The practice entails placing all honored deceased in a manner as to facilitate the body to return to life. Some sectarian movements favor the corpse encased in a clay and tar layer, whereas others favor a ritual type of mummification. The end result is the hope that the dead  upon receiving the correct rite of passage do in fact return. There is little hard evidence, but indications seem that for every cemetery a few people every year do in fact rise from death in a state of youth, full vigor and in some case even with memories of their former lifetime.  Many Alavarites practice Cutrichai.

Cutthroat – career

Little more than a thug that is practiced in making the occasional kill and (at least for some time) get away with being suspected.  Cutthroats evolve into Bandits over time, and are essentially solitary bandits in a more urban environment. They have a survival range of months, unless to move on to a more sensible career. 

Cyclopean Passage, the

Cyryn MacEogann

One of the wisest, kindest and most accomplished Arch-Magi of the Kingdom, who allegedly lived through The Great War. He started his career as a Magician of Oghma, was slain, was reincarnated as a Gnome, advanced as Wizard, Grand Wizards and finally a Mage.  His story is very tragic. Some whisper he still lives, but he hasn’t been seen for centuries.