Castle Draaken

Giant castle - 02

Artwork by Paul Chadeisson


Castle Draaken is one of the ancient titanic structures in the furthest northeast of the Kingdom, in Grand Duchy Draaken. It is the only known “assumedly” fully consolidated megastructure remains of the ancient power of Atlantis that was dominent tens of thousands of years ago, all over the eastern Kingdom. The square meter surface that is being used is less than 40 million square meters, and that is the most of ephemeral of “use”. The total explored space of this titanic structure is well over 360 million square meters – and there is still massive real estate space leaing into the depths of the mountains possibly double that. And then consider tha Castle Draaken is only one of at least several dozen such structures rising from the landscape all throughout the eastern Kingdom, Byzanthium being another set of such structures.