RED versus BLUE – ‘Manipulating Human Genes’

WITHOUT MISSING A SINGLE WEEK – I’m back with a new offensive oppositional statement… ‘In a few years, probably no more than 5 or 10, it will be possible, safe, and affordable to have babies gestate in a lab, and then have the genes altered. IThis would initially only be available to rich people, and the consequence of that would be interesting to say the last. Can we stop this? Should we stop this? Should society implement laws? Are politcians quick on their feet enough to come up with sensible laws in time (LAUGHS BITTERLY) ?

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One thought on “RED versus BLUE – ‘Manipulating Human Genes’

  1. It could backfire, in a different way than many might suppose.

    If only rich people could afford it, perhaps in the interests of perpetuating their conditioned tastes for material wealth, they might choose (and it might be possible to do so) genes that generated tendencies to accumulate large inventories of material assets and enjoy lifestyles that would only be suitable for biological human beings.

    Then as the Singularity developed, these children would be the most likely to cling to materiality as the only purpose of life, and be left in the backwash as the rest of human culture departed for the stars.

    This would not be an outcome the wealthy but non-Singularity oriented humans would have predicted, that they would walk their offspring into dead ends, but that could be the way it turned out.

    Oh well, that’s natural selection for you!

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