RED versus BLUE – How Far Will ‘They’ Go?

Premise: We did three events this weekend. The first was about the events surrounding 9/11 and it made a case that the event itself was rather dubious when looked at it closely. The second event postulated that oil was behind this and oil is an increasing concern in international politics. The third event postulated the emergence on a type of ‘realpolitik’ based on oil scarcity. This event – the fourth event this weekend – is making conclusions. Where do we go from here? What is in store for the future? How can individuals make a difference? Is it best to start planning for ‘survivalism’, and global collapse, or won’t survivalism make much sense in our overpopulated world? (nowhere left to run anyways). Should we organize in ever more radical political movements ? Should we self-organize using the ever more sophisticated technologies of the 21st century at our disposal? Can we hope on an emerging robotics, nanotechnology, solar, VR, AR revolution? “will things get mostly better” ? Is there reason for optimism, pessimist, ambition – or are we at the mercy of overload, future shock and confusion?

What can we expect of Iran – Iran will stop exporting oil in a matter of ten years. Likewise most petro dictatorships such as Russia and Venezuela. They’ll need the oil for their own domestic markets in just under a decade. By then oil invasions won’t make much sense anymore. What will a collapsing Europe and United States do when rapidly cut off from oil imports, far faster than they can acclimitize? How can we stop our leaders from doing the ‘simple thing’ ? How can we stop our (elected?) leaders from listening to frantic and ruthless corporate sponsors?

How far will these bastards go?

These four events:
Saturday 2 October. 9:30 SLT : “Why do ‘truthers’ believe 9/11 was an ‘inside-job ?”
Saturday, 2 October, 12:30 SLT : “The Dance of Death
Sunday, 3 October, 9:30 SLT: “We Know Best – ‘End Game Realists’ (NeoConservatives of all Stripes)
Sunday, 3 October, 12:30 SLT: “How Far Will They Go?

Red: Today red can make up its own mind 🙂

Blue: Today blue can make up its own mind 🙂

Time/Date: Sunday 3 October, 12:30 SLT, about 60-90 minutes.

Location : Delinquent 213, 200, 742, SLURL


* Another ‘Inside Job’ 🙂

3 thoughts on “RED versus BLUE – How Far Will ‘They’ Go?

  1. The interesting question is not how far “they” will go. The interesting question is how far “we” will go and in what matter to best realize what we want or at least survive what is likely.

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