An Open Letter to Christian Leaders on Biotechnology and the Future of Man


In the last few years, we have seen marvels emerge in the realm of ingenuity, from boffins and scientists and eggheads – that have introduced coruscating transformations that evoked wonder in everyone, but also a sense if dread. Sometimes normal folks just wonder, where is all this technological wizardry headed. I mean, one day you move at breakneck hurtling speed across the landscape in one of these newfangled trains, next you are strapped to a commode defecating your innards into a plastic bowl in some aerial contraption traversing the stratopshericial realms. All these sinister things are all to blame one way or another to a sinister conspiracy of east coast and west coast – and often maniacally cackling European – ever expanding cultural movement known as The Transhumanist Alliance, whose far reaching visions are well entrenched in a growing populace of military think tanks, bio-engineers, lawyer savants and intellectual types of more diffuse persuasion. And these people, of which many are curiously jewish, are up and about in the sinister realms of bio engineering, law, genetical tinkering, nano engineering, cybernetic… engineering, weapons, and the manufacture of sinister robotical intelligences. They grand overarching goals include to force upon decent Christian folks like you and me a total and sweeping redesign of our minds, our very memories, or bodies, our wives, our racial purity – and even perhaps as Joel Garreau in his bestselling book ‘Kill these Bastards Before they get us!’ – our vital essences and immortal souls! The technological, cultural, and metaphysical transformations now underway shamelessly forecasts a future dominated by a sinister species of half-human, half spider overlords, with a socialist agenda, and studies are underway to make this dream a reality are being funded by thousands of black United Nations and unaccountable private research facilities around the world. The issues raised by mutant-engineering science must be addressed by Christian leaders in a sincere and persistent international debate ! To fail in this sacred task may lead to the question “what does it mean to be human” being abdicated my the amassed legions of Mordor.

Time running out to influence debate on transhumanism
September 14, 2010
11:00 am Eastern
by Thomas R. Horn
Dear Pastor and Christian Leader,

Jeremiah C. Winklesplayed, Director of the C.T.P. Dunkhead and Jessica Thomas Wartworth Good Grace Almighty Centre of Really Decent And Friendly Values has written, “If Christians are to have any residual chance to influence the teeming degenerate hordes of our fornicating, superficial, impulse-oriented western societies –particularly in a setting where certain messages of a PostHuman character may prove compelling, if not outright corruptive in nature – then they must offer an alternative and compelling vision; a counter-technophile discourse so to speak!”

Although our the Heavenly Father at the Vatican in 2008 issued forth a set of instructions on how to fight these dastardly bioethical heathens, primarily in matters pertaining to violations of the natural order where it comes to in vitro fertilization and stem cell research (Dignitas Personae or “the Dignity of the Person” [pdf]) and a handful of patriots, Christian loyalists and scientists, theologians and orthodox academics have hinted from our respective ivory towers (minarets if you will) on the need for a broader, manifesto-like document on this encroaching progressive villainy. Yet mother church as an institution has failed at any concerted effort to do anything such as declare a Fatwa on this blasphemous genetic revolution, or this contourne governmental push to do away with the human state and ‘enhance us all’ into an insect species without any semblance of individuality, or this downright satanically viral transhumanist philosophy which is poisoning the mind of our impressionable younglings at colleges and universities and using the compelling nature of drug infused cannabis orgies to peddle this ungodly filth in backdoor ‘speakeasy’ meetings, and through the thoroughly pornographized liberal media, and in significantly degenerate venues I dare not repeat in a publication of this high moral character. At the time I spread this missive to a wider audience, fourty thousand evangelical leaders from two hundred nations are convening in prayer in South Africa to adopt a new manifesto related to a new Inquisitory state regarding “unnatural practices”. This gathering is organizing by Billy Graham’s Lausanna Committee for World Evangelism (LCWE) and we pray it will include sweeping statements condemning the vile diabolical practices of bioethics because other than a nearly decade-old impotent Lausanne “Occasional Paper No. 58,” which discussed ways in which bioethics could be used as a tool for evangelism (very important in fighting Satan), no documentation we have seen thus far indicates that the new LCWE gathering will substantially debate the moral limits of grafting octopus tentacles onto freshly born human babies, a practice which is known to be quite common in the inner circles of Transhumanism since the brief “Occasional Paper No. 58.”

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While the Vatican’s Dignitas Personae likewise failed to provide instructions on how to bring these criminals before a court of our peers, and further expose the bewildering designs of these modern day Frankensteins (in particular the transhumanists that have infiltrated to the highest ranks of the United States provisional government, The Pentagon, the EU, The Rothschilds, The UN and NATO, and that desperately seek to force this next step in evolution), our allies in the Papacy have provided us with an important bird’s-eye view on the imminent battle between traditional goodness and the somewhat different adoption by pseudo-christian turncoats, who have likewise begun to ageold questions of ‘whether we can smash babies on rocks‘ or ‘is the eating of human flesh acceptable practice?’. We think these views should not be part of a society.

Immediately following the release of Dignitas Personae, Catholic scientist William B. Neaves, in an essay for the Galactic Catholic Purgatorium Reporter, reflected this dastardly new biblical orgy of vice and wickedness on the fringes of decency, ausing reporter Rod Dreher to describe it as clearly illustrating “the type of Christianity that is eager to literally grind down living people under steamrollers“. The subtleties behind Neaves’ comments included:

An alternative point of view to the Vatican’s, embraced by many Christians, is that personhood [one of these dastardly, insidious transhumanists conceptions] occurs after successful implantation in the mother’s uterus, when individual metaphysical identity is finally established…. If one accepts the viewpoint that personhood begins after implantation, the moral framework guiding the development and application of medical technology to human reproduction and treatment of disease looks very different from that described in Dignitas Personae.

In the alternative moral framework, taking a pill to prevent the products of fertilization from implanting in a uterus is morally acceptable. Using ivf [in vitro fertilization] to complete the family circle of couples otherwise unable to have children is an unmitigated good. Encouraging infertile couples with defective gametes to adopt already-produced ivf embryos that will otherwise be discarded is a laudable objective. And using embryonic stem cells to seek cures [creating human embryos for research “parts”] becomes a worthy means of fulfilling the biblical mandate to heal the sick.

Notwithstanding that the discussion by Neaves was limited to the Vatican’s position on embryos, this man invokes a curious and worrisome spirit composed of ‘memes’ and other quaint intellectual elitist notions of “personhood” and “soul energies” which should be taken as a dire specter of Christians selling out to transhumanist mortal enemies. Good decent people need to be proactive in putting a stop to this advance of Lucifer’s church on earth, by making a statement of goodness, wholesome family values, propriety, sobriety, kittens and other assorted matters that leave an unambiguously positive impression in all that hear us talk about these, while constantly and unceasingly painting them in a negative and frightening light.

To found these projects, we do best to evoke one of our greatest assets – the receptive trance god fearing people fall in to as soon as we quote length, diatribous and potentially historically quaint and outdated bits of trivia tat occurred thousands of years ago. In the letter to the church at Ephesus, Paul states the responsibility of the Church as the Legionnaires of The Divine Occupational Forces, are implicit and errorless instruments of God almight, the One that Created Galaxies, Bubonic Plague, Volcanoes and Gamma Ray Bursts in all His wisdom, concluding this was by divine intention. “His intent was that now, through the church, the manifold wisdom of God should be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms” (Ephesians 3:10).

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One thought on “An Open Letter to Christian Leaders on Biotechnology and the Future of Man

  1. Excerpted from a podcast in a que to be released a month or so from now:

    A visitor asked about this at a recent gathering of transhumanists, about the idea that some of us claim by that building a better world we are actually “doing God’s work”, and the question more broadly became “When will God’s work be done?”

    One of those who had explored such questions responded. She related it to the whole of human history, and new perspectives unfolded!

    Her question was as follows. If we were to look backward to periods thousands of years ago, before Christ was born, and when according to the Christian bible, mankind was so far short of perfection that it took the destruction of sinful cities and a flood that wiped out almost all of humanity in the attempt to perfect mankind, would it have been reasonable at that time to say that “God’s work was done”?

    Naturally, the answer to such a question would have been “No!” If it had been God’s purpose to lead humans to a perfected “state of grace” on Earth, a great deal of work would have remained to be done, at such a time. Then, another question followed: “Would it have been reasonable to say that God’s work was done at a later time,” perhaps two thousand years ago?”

    That was a time about three hundred years before the rise of the Roman Empire led to the destruction of the Great Library at Alexandria, when as history recounts the monks who were followers of the local Christian Bishop literally “skinned alive” the daughter of the Chief Librarian in the streets, burned all of her writings, and then proceeded to destroy the greatest collection of scientific thought and literature the world had ever known, up to that time.

    Shortly thereafter the dark ages began, centuries of superstition and ignorance. Clearly, at that time also, it would not have been reasonable to say that “God’s work was done”. Finally, more close to recent times, the question becomes: “Would it have been reasonable to say that God’s work was done as recently as several hundred years ago?” Perhaps we should consider a point in time three hundred years ago, to explore the answer to this question, the year 1710. For just a moment, let’s consider a description from a website on the American economy of that era, and you can decide if by any stretch of the imagination God’s work would have been “done”, at that time:


    (Quote) On the eve of the (AMERICAN) Revolution, the slave trade “formed the very basis of the economic life of New England.”[2] It wove itself into the entire regional economy of New England. The Massachusetts slave trade gave work to coopers, tanners, sailmakers, and ropemakers.

    (Continuation of Quote) Countless agents, insurers, lawyers, clerks, and scriveners handled the paperwork for slave merchants. Upper New England loggers, Grand Banks fishermen, and livestock farmers provided the raw materials shipped to the West Indies on that leg of the slave trade. Colonial newspapers drew much of their income from advertisements of slaves for sale or hire.

    (Continuation of Quote) New England-made rum, trinkets, and bar iron were exchanged for slaves. When the British in 1763 proposed a tax on sugar and molasses, Massachusetts merchants pointed out that these were staples of the slave trade, and the loss of that would throw 5,000 seamen out of work in the colony and idle almost 700 ships.

    (Continuation of Quote) The connection between molasses and the slave trade was rum. Millions of gallons of cheap rum, manufactured in New England, went to Africa and bought black people. Tiny Rhode Island had more than 30 distilleries, 22 of them in Newport. In Massachusetts, 63 distilleries produced 2.7 million gallons of rum in 1774. Some was for local use: rum was ubiquitous in lumber camps and on fishing ships.

    (Continuation of Quote) “But primarily rum was linked with the Negro trade, and immense quantities of the raw liquor were sent to Africa and exchanged for slaves. So important was rum on the Guinea Coast that by 1723 it had surpassed French and Holland brandy, English gin, trinkets and dry goods as a medium of barter.”[3] Slaves costing the equivalent of £4 or £5 in rum or bar iron in West Africa were sold in the West Indies in 1746 for £30 to £80.

    (Continuation of Quote) New England thrift made the rum cheaply — production cost was as low as 5½ pence a gallon — and the same spirit of Yankee thrift discovered that the slave ships were most economical with only 3 feet 3 inches of vertical space to a deck and 13 inches of surface area per slave, the human cargo laid in carefully like spoons in a silverware case.


    One person remarked, “I can hardly breath after listening to that. I feel like I’ve just been punched in the stomach.” Another commented, “Me, too.”

    And as with the other examples, it would have been only through blindness of the most extreme kind that one could say that “God’s work was done!” at that time. Fast forward past the Nazi death camps, Pol Pot in Asia, genocide in Rwanda and Darfur, just to spotlight a few, and we cannot escape the conclusion that God’s work is far from done… even today.

    Do those who so arrogantly attack “Christians selling out to transhumanist mortal enemies”, who so glibly describe themselves as “Good decent people”, ever look in the mirror and consider that it is just people like they who destroyed the Library at Alexandria, plunged Humankind into the Dark Ages, and stood by innocently and felt no pangs of conscience as the slave trade bloomed and made life comfortable for their wealthy families in New England, only 200-300 years ago?

    Look into the mirror, those of you who declare war on what you call your “transhumanist mortal enemies”. You will see the face of the Satan you say you so despise. It is your own reflection!

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