Post Rabbit 11 : Google buying Second Life

This is a signpost for a future installment of ‘white rabbit’, at a date not yet determined showcasing a number of ideas about Metaverse, Second Life and Google.

1. Collada Meshes
2. Google Earth indexation measured in resoluition
3. Google Earth indexation measured in update speed
4. Google earth indexing tools
5. Using Google Earth in scientific simulations
6. Google Earth TerraStore
7. ‘Ondemand’ embedding bits of SL sims inside Google Earth
8. Embedding a Second Life client inside Google Earth
9. Facebookization of not just persons – but also ideas, places, events, objects, buildings inside Google Earth
10. A 3D paradigm for facebookization inside a GE/SL hybrid.
11. GoogleLife? GVerse? Second Earth? G-noosis?
12. Manage your own V-identity – select your own G-Ident server. Run your own Nym. NO CENTRALIZED JANITORS.