White Rabbit 12 : What Matters Most

This is a white rabbit presentation where I will in very simple terms indite what is catastrophically wrong with our current understanding of an imminent Singularity. In short it will be about the need to embed desired values in our global systems. “Friendly A.I.” can not be enough – we will need to literally innundate society with systemic guarantees, human rights, protections, laws and insurances. Our bedrock infrastructure must be saturated with justice, humanism, charity, generosity. A Singularity may or may not emerge from an idealized AI ‘seed’ – it is far more likely to emerge from an awakening of existing legal systems, operating systems, automated caretaker systems, law enforcement automation, machine factories, translation systems. These are all likely to contribute in equal part to a Singularity take-off.

If we live in an injust, elitist, marginalizing, ruthless, dehumanizing, profit-oriented, social darwinist world close to a technological hyper-acceleration, then we risk embedding these ’embedded automated values’ into the thereafter. We risk inheriting the Singularity we deserve.

More later.