White Rabbit 09 : A Morphology of Singularities

This will be a big one. I will be writing a BIG article with slideshows. Usual presentation in SL, hopefully a bit bigger than the usual event.

I may invite other speakers.

1. Force amplifiers
2. The great galactic casino…
3. Initial parameters on planetary morphology, biology, evolution, neurology, morality, politics, scientific theory and technology.
4. Anyone who says “a singularity will be fairly safe” is a liar or a fool.
5. Embedding of values or laws in things or processes is largely irreversible.
6. Fast or glacial? Explosive or staggered? Singular or revolutionary? Space or no space? Singleton or anarchon? What ‘ignitor’ ?
7. What systems in society right now plausibly reduce our chances to have a friendly singularity? Do we have a responsibility?
8. This can not have any other than have cosmological implications. Are we being watched? Abortive intervention?
9. May ‘a singularity’ be a a very hard thing to reach? How common is a ‘depleted death whimper’ ?
10. Are we spectacularly deluded?
11. Some archetypical visions of “singularity”.
12. The bigger picture – A Galactic Ecology of Singularization.

More to follow later. 🙂