Saying libertarians are pedophiles is just blatantly wrong. Being socialist is inherently against freedom, forcibly taking money under threat of imprisonment and death. Libertarians are for protecting the smallest minority, the individual.
— Matt Meinke

Uhm no.

1. The US Libertarian movement is overrun by pedophyles

2. Redistributive policies are pro-freedom

3. US Libertarianism is synomymous with fascist corporocracy. Libertarians consistently favor police states.

3. Libertarianism is against Freedom

4. Taxation is free. If you don’t like it you should leave.

5. US Libertarianism is largely a racist white power movement

6. “Libertarianism” does not work and has never worked in history.

7. Humanist Modernity has no reasonable alternatives than to shackle private wealth as soon as possible.

I’ll add other links and arguments soon.