Closing the EU to radicalized US americans

If I were to describe a national organization in, say, a middle eastern or african country, that was openly and brazenly active in spreading high powered killing weapons to its members, protecting these members for any legislative constraint, and these weapons are then routinely used in mass killings, we would declare such people patently unwelcome in our society. So when then does the EU not apply equal standards when it comes to similarly radicalized elements in US society?

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We are back at square one again. Several hours ago as of me writing this at least five people were massacred and many more injured in yet another mass shooting in the US state of Texas. Second in a month. First signs point to the shooting being done by a trump supporter MAGA type far right individual.

The problem is that clearly, selfevidently, exhibitionistically US society for some reason refuses to qualify far right wing violence as domestic terrorism. The FBI is rerouted towards watching environmental radicals, vets returning from wars and (in particular) antifa and native americans and black rights organizations for any signs of terrorism. White power / far right / radical christian domestic terrorism kills hundreds of times more people in US society than any of the above. Thus we in Europe should conclude the powers that be are at least tacitly sympathetic towards far right / racist / domionist causes. They consistently refuse to condemn any of these shooters.

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I have long since argued US society is in a state of freefall towards Dystopian squallor. I visited the US repeatedly and lived there for some length of time and even back then I would characterize US society as pervasively a police society, claustrophobically militarized, deeply racist and decidedly unfree to anyone but its richest denizens. When I raised these criticisms they consistently fall on deaf ears with the vast majority of americans, if not arouse outright anger. But we are now in 2019, the electorate in the US somehow decided they are the only real democratic society on the planet, and they came up with someone patently and theatrically racist as donald trump. That man has no been charged with anything. I do not see any impeachment. He has not been dragged off to prison, and I have seen no credible attempts to hold him accountable in any other way. In fact I see an establisment that’s ranging from whiningly impotent, feebly terrified or utterly complict, enabling or downright collaborators with his ideology.

The EU as a single body can not change US society. But the EU must come to terms with the irreversible decline of US society. We have no way of knowing where this will end, but I am fairly certain Chris Hedges’s assessment is pretty spot on when he states the end of american empire is here, and the end will be horrifying. A major part of that descent seems based on the marriage of radicalization and epidemic availability of firearms. In specific one organisation is actively supporting the ubiquity, deadliness of these weapons and takes active steps to legally shield people who own and use these weapons from consequences.

The EU should be consistent in its border policies with regards to radicalized non EU citizens. That is why I vehemently call upon the EU leadership for a complete and total shutdown of american NRA members entering the European Union until our representatives can figure out what is going on.

T h e N a t i o n a l R i f l e O r g a n i s a t i o n

I would strongly insist we include politicians of which it can be determined they are NRA members, take NRA money and vote on behalf of this NRA. We should extend this travel ban as soon as possible to other verifiable sectarian organizations in US society of which it can be blankly determined they contribute to mass murders, such as this NRA. I say, if people support the NRA, carry an NRA card – you can’t reasonably trust them. They are actively enabling systemic and frequent mass murders in US society, for whatever reason. This kind of people do not belong in EU society, either as short term residents, or as short term visitors. Those NRA members already in the EU should be asked to leave as soon as possible, and I believe again this travel ban should include US politicians, office holders, embassy staff and diplomats.

If you agree with this demand, please please please share this article to as many people as possible.