Xanthippe Wuchs, Misstress

Xari River


Far far to the north, over the Cerennian Ocean, to the east of Tsurutani, a selteringly hot region of densely tropical island inhabited by an assortment of tribes, mutated creatures and animals. 


Xitzarsh (Region)

Xura (Region)

Xura lies to the west of Thalarion and Zar, and is the stuff of nightmares. Death has overrun a massive coastal region as big as the Kingdoms or even bigger, and has created a crawling ecology of monstrosities, charnel houses, undead, vampire princes, massive theocracries of Lich Priests and death incarnate. The country is one horrific plague stricken abbatair of demons, human sacrifices, charnel and nightmares, and live sacrifices keep the system afloat. Xura is similar in appearance, in some superficial sense, to some mesoamerican, aztec, toltec or inca societies, with an intricate sprinking of east asian influences – however a thousand times more intricate and horrific. Its citizens have only one goal – to be ascended in to demonhood or into some kind of lich. Despite its horrific nature the designs and arts of Xura are widely sought after.