Warlock – Career

A spellcaster analogue to a Witch, a Warlock is a type of “informal”, “clique” or “cultish” spellcaster with very straightforward, brute-force spells. Limited investment of time and resources, nasty results. Warlocks are about as rare as Wizards in the Kingdom, “over-all”, and gravitate to being illegal in most Duchies when found out. About half Warlocks close “deals” with purveyors of the Dark Arts, in one form or another.

Warlord – Career

War of Curses, The

Primarily a creation the Alalvarites – the War of Curses centers on the use of long ranged, low effectiveness but “heavily stacked” curses cast by casual priests of various sorts, in some cases on a nearly daily basis, against enemies of the Kingdom. One such curse does little – but the accumulated effect of thousands of those little curses is as effective as a tidal wave of poisonous blades. It is believed some sveral hundred targets of this strategy have been left mostly unable to do a goddamn thing in the Dreamlands, and these targets have to stay in meticulously sustained enchantment “Caerns” – highly magical places sustained by the power of a dormant Dragon –  to keep the storm of Paradox kept aloft by these curses at bay. Wellknown recipients of these curses are Leonidas and The Warwielder. 

Wesley Horatio Boraxan

Having somehow escaped from a dying cage in the harbor in the port of Dragonrender, Wesley has been on the run for a conviction of piracy.  A young fello ith striking red hair (some say of part-Aurennay lineage), esley is amivsable, generous, nice. patient. Hoever his family as taken by slavers and sveral years ago, he poisoned a merchant’s wine in the hope of avenging his family. The wine made several members of the vessel “A Worthy Goal Dismissed as Frivolous” die in the most prolonged and horroible manner, with the target of his ire. So no, Wesley is marked for torture by the slaver’s guild, ith a reward of 30 silver, as well as having a large 25 Pound reward to any Baliff of the King, for being delivered in person as to return to the cage. Wesley is clearly deeply traumatized -0 his family was sold to the worst of the ordst in Dyulath Leeen, which allegedly means a death so gruesome it brings nightmares just to contemplate. To survive, Wesley became a pirate, and he is said to hold port in the city of Igtuathem (also known as Rotterdam) where he orks for a “Spanish” pirate known as Ias swashbuckling thug Iguador Esteban Phillipino Corazzon the Gutpiercer. 

West King’s Road, The

One of the dozen or so highly patrolled, heavily fortified and very wide roads claimed as royal domain. To mess around anywhere near the King’s Roads is a death sentence, even to a Duke who deigns to take liberties with this real estate in his domain. King’s roads are attributed all sorts of magical qualities, some of which may be true. It is said of the West King’s roads, those who travel travel with good humor, and somehow are well fed on half normal food requirements. The West King’s Road runs from the far western Lenrira to Rinyldissen, and runs through respectively Duchy Chaverdhari Khan, Protectorate Skyvlan, Duchy Johaan, Duchy Skanogthu, Duchy Day Miage, Duchy Obanddar, Along the Traitor’s Gorge, Duchy Ahrmaro, Duchy Knor Kochos, Duchy Casiaro, Kanton Doctor Cartwright, winds south of the Capital City Rinyldissen and terminates east of there. 

White, The (Metaphysical Order)

White Protectorate, The (Geographic Region)

Whrest (Undead)

Whrest are a species of Undead. They first appeared in the footsteps of Daimions army, several centuries ago, but quickly became a major segment of his shock troops. Most often skeldahr would attack by night, and by day all ruins would be inhabited by whrest. Initially it was thought they were the haunting souls of the vanquished, ensorcelled by the evil witcheries of the daimion, but later expeditions into the blackened lands of daimion revealed they were created in a number of fashions, not least of all the actual devouring of men, women and children into the cloak of adarkling . Horrible such a fate would be, skeldahr created whrest as well, by planting an evil seed in the belly of the dead and dying. The corpses animated as typical zombies, later to cocoon and change in whrest. Within the whrest reside the spirit of an evil insect. The creature is filled with a need to slay as many hosts as possible, and change them into whrest. Only in a crowd of its kind does it feel any comfort. Whrest, though barely intelligent, worship the skeldahr. It is believed that some whrest may one day cocoon and emerge as a skeldahr. There is some evidence that this occurred in the thubrian jungles, but all skeldahr that emerged from whrest carcasses were malformed, often weak and erratic. Worse, these skeldahr were egglaying, and produced the brightly colored thubrian Imaya, that resemble skeldahr. Whrest are nearly all gone now, centuries after the great war. Some remain, but mostly as a plague. The average necromancer prefers tame ghouls above whrest servants, or even straightforward zombies, who are more docile. Some Darklings may also linger in old diabolic ruins, or far below the surface, where they may still create whrest. Several undead have been located that look frighteningly like trolls that were turned into whrest … 


Known under a hole bunch of names Daisy Winterwild, or “Blighted Amaranth” is one of the current foremost Matron witches governing the region of Seven Witches Coven. Winterwylde is a politically very problematic individual and much maligned. Only loosely associated with Nonidashu, She has run into minor arguments with local Greylings about ideological matters (and some say – matters of the Heart). Daisy is an amicably, women in her fourties with striking red hair and unnaturally blue eyes.  She suffers from some minor irreversible ailments of Doxcy, so she can not venture far outside her Chantry, but her political fingers reach far beyon the Kingdom.  Alalvarites in various regions have sent out a reward for live capture (to “stand trial”) running well into the tens of Crowns, and she is cautious to a fault. Her Coven (of no less than 17 witches, all militant lesbians) are cursing problem Alalvarites in the region to no end, with the most inventive of curses.  Winterwylde is allegedl to be able to turn into a giant Black Swan and fly about in secrecy. 


A witch is a spellcaster distinctly different than a Magician or Wizard. Whereas both these use mechanisms suggestive of academic understanding of Metaphysical sciences, Witches use a mixture of intricate connections of (a) folklore, (b) bloodlines, (c) tribes or (d) places and often (e) an association or worship of one or more supernatural forces. Withcraft is substantially more “ad hoc” than the arcane arts. This allows them more subtle, more most and often spells more reminicient of the priestly arts. Witchcraft is thorougkly “ethnic: and quite often not on amicable terms with the needs and wants of the higher classes. Nobles don’t like people doing witchcraft, as a general rule, especially sice Witches close deals with quite often scary and external forces beyond the material. Some witches deal with the dark arts, and those can be pretty dangerous. 


Whereas Magicians (qv) are the grass-roots societally embedded tupe of spellcasters, Wizards are the kind that use substantially more intellectual, academic and aristocratic backgrounds. Becoming a Magician can be affordable, becoming a Wizard is extremely expensive. Thus only one in about 2500 people in the Kingdom, “over-all” will be some sort of Wizard.  Wizards have bigger ego’s, their spells gravitate more towards combative, and they need much luxuries, emenities, resources, tools and servants. Wizards are all trained at magical Guild, Univrsities, Acadamies and Colleges and are organizes in houses. Wizardry ethos is organized in about 10-15 higher orders, abbreviated with a color, i.e. Orange, Omber, Black, Grey, Green, Blue, Gold, Purple, Red, White and Gold.  Wizards are more prone to Paradox than Magicians.

Woods Of The Imbecile (Region)


Generic term for what is left when a person dies – essentially an immaterial, mostly invisible ghostly figure. Wraiths can be rational, but exist in a rather dismal twilight reality. Wraiths can only exist in very limited pockets of reality, sometimes no bigger than a house and some adjacent alleys or field – near a person that was relevant to them – near an object that had great significance to them – or at very specific times or during occasional events. To wraiths all of reality beyond these constraints is clad in thick opague fog. Sometimes Wraiths go insane, are in a state of delusions or confusion, or experience psychotic breaks where they are in a state of conflict with their self-destructive urges or anger. Most wraiths evaporate and move on to some kind of esoteric afterlife. In the dark realms there is a titanic, terrifing many million soul city constructed by these dead known as Stygia. 

Wyvanie (Kingdom)