Vaadia Rangez

Vaell (A generic term for Orcs and similar Humanoids)

Vacion Riar

Vassal – Career


In the Dreamlands all manner of proximity can beget pregnancy, wanted or not.  ‘Villainous’ or “degenerate’ folk living habitually close to their lifestock can occasionally produce crossbreeds with such and such crossbreeds have a habit of being a tad more robust and having above average suvival chances. This is how Beastlings came to be, and in some areas these Beastlings flock together as to form tribal collectives. For instance, over the Dreamlands surrounding the Kingdom there are hundreds of different dog-centric Beastling enclaves or reservations. Further mixing of beastlings results in ever more entropic wishashes of huanoids, and the most degenerate and dilluted of those are called Vaell. It is often suggested that Vaell are orcs, but in fact there are numerous substrains of what both commoners and elites regard as “orcish” (emphasizing that the word Orc itself is an insult to these folk). The term Vaell is no less negatively connotated. 

Vale of Pnath

Valerie Ungten

Valet – Career

Valhruk Legrange

Valhurk Morh


Vampire Slayer – Career


Valley of The Amazons (Region, Queendom, See “Raell)

Varlas Timescu


Vaults of Zin


Velving Kor

Velynn Mountains


The esoteric hidden magical realm of the Daoine Sidhe. 

Vengeance Sworn – Career

An old myth that someone who suffered unspeakable cruelty and treachery and misfortune can become a Vengeance Sworn – a nigh unkillable agent of retribution. 

Vermiis Mysteries, The


Veteran – Career


A villain is a derogatory term quite commonly used to describe what one might otherwise regard as “white trash”. i.e. humans are demi-humans of very little education, coarse or ugly feature, dubious morals and backward or superstitious ideas. It is strongly recommended to not use the word “orc” near Villains.

Villy (Vily)

 One of the Elemental forces of nature and fertillity, Villy appear quite rarely, best described as elfin (sidhe) creatures with long hair and wings. They are fair, tall and radiant, with characteristic gem-like eyes.  There are numerous subspecies dedicated to Air, Forests, Mountains and other. Villy are passionate creatures of song, dance, life, but when crossed can cast curses. Most can shapeshift quite quickly (minutes) into specific animal shapes. Villy are immortal, but can be slain. There are rumors that cutting off their hair and wings enslaves them. Another story tells that the city of Dylath Leeen requires one vily a year, to be sacrificed in an underground temple for some kind of benefit of the city. Dylath Leeen has been sending out more and more agents to obtain these Vily, all the way to the Mythic Woods far far north, and increasingly elves have become intensely hostile to these rumors, even if they were to be untrue.

Vincent of Hiraj

Vindicator – Career

Vintner – Career

Viscount – Career




A hulking, slow and bulbous flightless bird with front paws as opposed to wings. It weighs about 7 ton and from flat bak to tail is about 11 meters long. They function as bison++ sized ducks, favoring watery environments with dense populations. They are quite common in the forests of Parg. A Vlokka smells pleasant, musky.  Equivalent to a Deinocherius. 

Void Knight – Career

An exceptionally rare type of Knight, mch maligned. The Void Knight invokes categorically forbidden metaphysical forces beyond space & time to protect itself against danger, damage, attacks. Void Knights are trained in or in relationshop with the city of Byzanthium, and consequently the association is Yog Sothoth – which implies that Void Knights are effectively insane, living in an alternate dimension dreamscape, and play rather footloose with space & time parameters. 

Vortex, The

Metaphysical designator of the one side of the cosmic reality – the endpoint or most entropic state of matter, i.e. Supermassive Black Holes. The Vortex is analogous with “the” SMBH at the center of the Milkyway. In the Dreamlands this is regarded as a key aspect of reality, which though horrific, can not be denied. In essence, the Vortex is insane, gruesome, destructive but ineffective. It is currently kept asleep by no less blasphemous forces and entities that surround it (in an accretion disk weighing hundreds of thousands of solar masses, expending the better part of a light year). The Vortex pushes infalling material (stars, lesser black holes, red dwarfs, neutron stars) literally out by means of an antigravity effect, less the Vortex itself starts feeding again, wakes up and the malignant cruelty casts its power and hunger across the galaxy. See Azathoth. 


Alleged current Hecatic High Priestess in Rinyldissen. 


A mercurial, nomadic lineage from the lands right north of Hlanith. They live in a series of deeply traditional coastal settlements, moving about on myths, superstitions and (arguably) general mismanagement. They are deeply aloof of other humans and routinely racist towards nonhumans and humanoids. Thought of as incapable of acknowledging the mere idea of owning land, Vraktapi should be regard as anarchoprimitivist. Best described as tall, gaunt, grey or olive skinned, with uneven long beards and black eyes. Vraktapi typically have noticeably longer fingers, in particularly the thumb and pink, and they grow their nails long. They are a native human species in the Dreamlands bitter and angered with all manner of invaders, but the constant raids from the west have driven them to be scattered all over the globe and are generally regarded as troublemakers and ‘the unwanted’. They are not gypsies, and they will resent any comparisons. Their females are short and stubby and extremely protective of their young. Most Vraktapi are found north of Zakarion, and some live in Hobgoblin lands, but some have settled in ghetto quarters as far south as Shyskabyl. Vraktapi crossbreeding with other humans produces stunted, intellectually diminutive mongrels, so that mere idea is a big taboo.


Vula The Volluptuous. 

A female of ill repute from history, allegedly during and after the Great War. Vula is the proverbial hypersexual Wizard’s apprentice that uses all manner of manipulations, dark magic, witchcraft and spells of Seduction. Black clad big-breasted, long dark hair, high heels, leather, heavy make-up and all many of gothic symbolism, she is described to have been a rather plain woman without all those decorations. Some confuse her with Khannea (who is most certainly still alive) but was mostly associated as the handwoman of Amolas th Dreadful, and in turn she taught Magic and Witchcraft to the equally dreaful Eligor Coldiche. She is suggested to have died of a broken heart, when her children died in a most horrific manner.

Vulcanus, Clay


In the last decades during The Great War and after various sides used excessive magics, and any excess of magic leads to Doxcy. A plague erupted that was essentially concentrated Dox. Vurgil didn’t affect normal human communities much, but it devastated dragon populations throughout and around the Kingdom. Vurgil manifests physically on highly magical places and has more or less been eradicated. There were many side effects to the Vurgil, some having made otherwise dumb animals (higher order primates, dogs, rats) in to humanoids, and causing dragon eggs to prematurely hatch in to Draconians.

Vwadathia Savage Range, The (Geographic Region)

The extremely dangerous southwestern region of the Kingdom. To the border west lies the dreadful Lenrira.  The titanic forests have trees hundreds of meters tall, swarming with dangerous wildlife. Tribes of feral and cannibalistic Satyrs, Ogers, Cyclopes, Giant Spiders, Reptiles and worse things are found in the Savage Range. This area has been colonized in the last 150 years and is regarded as wilderness interspersed with legions, fortifications and riddled with dangers. The roads are under constant construction, the skies occasionally broken by huge Levitics patrolling, and everywhere the conniving influence of Dylath Leeen down south. Right west of the Range, snuggled up to the Lenrira and overlooking trees so big they reach the clouds, lies the very wide and very long river Skai – the direct connection that runs through more or less the entire western Kingdom and trails east over thousands of kilometers to the capital city of Rinyldissen.  The Savage Range is one of the most warlike, dangerous parts of the Kingdom, and Legionary veterans from the Range are beyond deadly.  It’s a place where parents in the inner Kingdoms threaten their children they’ll be taken if they misbehave.