Ka-ar (Region)

Dreadfully empty, dry and cold, a highland devoid of settlements, crisscrossed by giant furred animals (yak). 

Kadath in the Cold Waste (Very distant Geographic Region)


A city that’s said to be literally millions of years old, and one of the most ancient continuously populated ones in the Dreamlands. Kadatheron lies far far in the north west, east of the Bnazic Desert, at the mouth of river Quyana, north of Thraa, west of Jaren and Rokol, and the de facto capital of Mnar. Kadatheron is massive, housing millions, and its many deserted regions buildings having the potential to house tens of millions. The city is a blend of some arabic features, and distinctly alien characteristics. Its people are diverse, comprizing thousands of nationalities and ethnicities and the city has been continuously settles over and over for thousands upon thousands of years by new arrivals. The outer burrougs of Kadatheron are inhabited mostly by Mnar nomads, so one might be confused to conclude the city is mostly arabic in nature. The inner cities hold extensive libraries where history is kept by an ancient species of near industructible giants. The bureaucracy of Kadatheron is prohibitive, and everyone o the outskirts is constantly scamming everyone else, or trying so. It’s a difficult place to make a living, and to last here one must be part of its intricate social mechanisms and observe any of its thousands of taboos. There is trade primarily with Thraa, Ilarnek and Inganok. The city is a true dictatorship, but its king looks out for the interests of his own people, but is ruthless and cruel in doing so. Kadatheron is currently at war with Dothar over endless insults back and forth.

Kadiphonek (Mountain)

Kaeyllan (magical Guild, unaligned)


In a distant past certain Big Apes were essentially animals. Then the act of taking these animals into certain “metaphyiscally acxtive zones” (such as Caerns) made these come aware. At the time there was war brewing, and the Kingdom needed soldiers and the Kingdom was rather wishy-washy about non-human right, so the armies started taking these aimals from the wild, “uplifted” them to sentience through controlled exposure,  and made them join the armies. This done with most effective with Urangutang, Gorilla, Chimpansees, some species of Gibbons and Baboons, but this practice has been perfected over time as to additionally adjust the physical shape of otherwise quadrupedal animals as to instill a humanoid frame. The Karadi were uplifted from Chimpansees, and have always been tragic figures.  They never fit in well in the Legions, and are3 now scattered in smaller communities, ghettoes or even reservatioss. Karadi do not mesh with a human level sentience, and they gravitate towards neurosis, ocasionally derangement or frustration. A sophisticated society makes demands on them that grate on their feelings, and they act out. Karadi do not have a favorable reputation and often regarded as little more than Orcs when travelling without proper papers.  

Karthian Hills

A civilized highland south of Oonai, with the region of Sydathria to the south and the desert of Cupper Nombo to the north. Humans are a minority species in the wder Karthian Hills, with Hadozee, KzitoniNamanammiKuali and numerous assorted sylvans, unicorns, fauns.  The region is safe, relatively peaceful.  A loose confederation of noble fiefdoms collaborates in mutual defense, trade and maintainance of shared infrastructure. The region as next to no ties with the Kingdom of humanity but is known widely for it’s fine wine. 

Kasqveena (Duchy)

Kenoni Hills

Kerstov (Barony)

Khannea “Silvertongue”

Some say that in Rissen after dark anything goes, and normal morality and decency and morality is suspended. Apparently in the Old Quarters intermittently (several times a year) visits a witch of some sort by the name Khannea, and she apparently has for as long as people can remember (which is easily over several centuries). Khannea is a ligit nymphomaniac and reputable among decadents and libertines and she is strikingky attractive, with volluptuous features about about mid 20s age. This Khannea is a footloose member of Anstralos Magical Academy where she lectures enchantment magic, in which is more than adept. Khannea is a highly trained Houri, but as opposed to other Houri (who tend to be frail creatures) she also wields twin swords to deadly effect. The authorities take the concept of Houri very seriously and they keep a close eye on this individual.
Khannea has this somewhat irksome manic energy about her. Her perceptiveness, intelligence and absurdist humor can be irritating. Thus she doesn’t rub shoulders with the ordinary people of the city, and as indicated isn’t seen till after dark and then generally only in one of the numerous houses of ill repute. She appreciates the good life, good food, good wine and good company (as well as frequent orgies). Additionally she dresses a bit revealing sometimes, and the conservative authorities of the city have been known to take offense at that.


Khoo (Archduchy)


Best described as a Warthog with the size of a Hippo, and the general Demeanor of a Great White Shark, these are extremely malodoriouis swarthy pseudo-mammalian creatures. They are found in 100-200 kilo mass ranges throughout the Dark Woods, but more northernly all the way up to Mnar occur in sizes over one and a half ton. There are humanoids that “domesticate” them as riding steeds, which is akin to taping gunpowder to your ass in order to attempt to fly

Khorata Badlands


King Kristophe

The current King of The Kingdom was crowned recently at age 32 in the year 1761, and his name is Kryštoph Tancred Tzekhandros Kleisthenes. Like all Kings do, he is a regular Vitae user. A competent King can last easily 300 years, and this one is regarded a mediocre King even though he can be ‘distracted’. The King of the Kingdom of humanity us inundated with magic that make him effectively supernatural. This is not a normal human. He lives in splendid isolation in a level of luxury that is inconceivable by any mortal. He sometimes converses with gods as an equal. He succeeds King Archibald XI, who was not regarded as an effective King and thus He died at “only” age 270 in the year 1758, most likely of a yet undetermined poisoning. It is said that the current King is deeply unsettled by major aspects of his position, a given that is widely appreciates by the Nobility of the Kingdom, as he refrains from taking sides in pretty much anything.

King, the (Deity, Religion)


Kitalda, Mistress



A very old ssubspecies of humanity. native to The Old Dreamlands.  They are not the most attractive of people, with a deep gutteral grumbling language, big teeth and hard faces. They tend to have long mustaches and longlobed ears set with ringlets. They are an old lineage of people, tend to be extremely stubborn, with a near incomprehensible cultural frame of reference. Knedzens do not oppose or rebel against the Kingdom, but they ways have been a challenge to integration. Knedzens only practice agriculture and have a strong aversion to eating fowl or mammals. They only eat fish when children, and pregnant women are allowed to eat fish and river crabs. Knedzen art is prized – long featured black oak statues, woven baskets of copper reeds, and carved stone. Knedzen routinely refuse to manufacture these for outsiders. A major problem for the species is interbreeding – marriage between close siblings is common, although marriage for Knedzens has a different cultural meaning. Knedzen women are loud, aggressive and tend to dominate the men. Men seek solace in tea halls where they grumble, gossip and mutter and sip an extremely bitter tea.

Knight – career

Knights Orders

There are several thousand Knights Orders in the Kingdom. 

Knygathin Zhaum

Lesser Old One, essentially a completely immortal Abomination from ten thousands years old, associated with Tsathoggua. Appears as a vaguely humanoid ogre sized lup of animate tissue, tentacles and limbs. Very dangerous. 


Something between a monkey, a spider and a reptile and a goblin. A small, dangerous subterrean humanoid.


The political ideology that extends Feudalism, applies it to the total Kingdom, in the most nationalistic, militarist and draconian manner. Equivalent with Fascism.

Kothlothu (The Worst Possible Demon)

Don’t read about these matters, it isn’t healthy for you.

Koth Nohush (region)

Kothrathi (region)

Kothzeme (region)

Kraa (river)

Kraeloh (Barbarian Kingdom)

Krampus (Deity)

Krampus (Large Humanoids)


Krrf is an addictive black powder with a pleasant sweet smell. It is a strong narcotic, and addictive not dissimilar to cocaine (or Khat), but significantly better. It is illicit in the inner Kingdom, although legal in the south east. Krrf is associated with the criminal syndicate known by the name Tarut. A gram of tarut is good for 10 solid snuffs, and will keep a novice user delighted, confident, energetic, assertive, talkative for a few hours. 


An isolationist and deeply aloof human ethnicity that is found in the soith-western Kingdom. They are smallish men with with red painted faces, tied-up hair held up in henna black stiff braids, their frock set with seashells. The men are tinkerers and vagabonds, “travelling folk” that do oddjobs and seasonal labour. They keep their wives locked up in villages in the Hygnorian hills and paint them blue. Ksueretaj  (slandered as Krolkor, a deep insult to them) talk a gibbering unique language with Kobold and Goblin pidgin tones.  They worship a pidgin bastardization of Eltmann and Alalvar and are extremely aloof of other people. 

Ktaiketo (Barbarian Kingdom)

Kudo (ArchDuchy)

Kujuno (Duchy)

Kuranes (King of Celephais)


Subspecies of humanity.