Igthuathem (City – possibly eve more dangerous than Dylath Leeen)

Lyyre are divine beings. They are also considered vile demon spawn by the Kingdom and welcome almost nohere. They inhabit a haphazzard Queendom by the name of “The Queen Matriarchy Of Lyyre”, a name on which many in the Kingdom spit in anger. The city as founded by “people from another world”  who made the city into (yet another) Most wretched hive of scum and villainy.  It’s a homebase to at least five pirate “corporations”, and the governing authorities is condoned by inland Fire Giants (who in turn collaborate with a presence of Red Dragons even deeper inland). There are a fe hundred Lyyre living in the city, together with a fairly big population of humanoids, freaks, monsters, feral gnomes and spider-folk. 

Iguador Esteban Phillipino Corazzon the Gutpiercer

An infamous pirate that has a ‘business’ headquarters  in the city of Rotterdam, est of Dyulath Leeen. Authorities in the Kingdom have placed a reward for life capture (to stand trial) of two thousand Prounds of silver.  Iguador has some principles apparently as does not deal in slaves.  But other than that, he always makes sport of eviscerating any official of the Kingdom alive and throwing him in a barrel of eels to be devoured from the inside.


Ilek Vad

Iliur (Duchy)


Illrigger – career

Implani Hills


Far to the North, of the Cerennean Sea, lies a gargantuan port city housing millions by the name of Inganok, Inqanok (and some other names). Approaching the platreau of Leng and the titanic unnatural mountains, Inganok is an intimidating city to behold, with black volcanic glass structures and towers, bulbous domes and fantastic spires. The quays extend a mile into the sea, on thick black pillars of three terraces. The city is quite old, older than Atlantis. The black building materials of the city are shiny, polished and insalt with arabesques and sigils depending on the neighborhood, outlaid in color schemes. The buildings are remarkably tall and intricatedly terraced, with numerous large and irregular windows. The inner city is strikingly artistic and beautiful, and often beset with arches, minarettes, domes, pyramids, gates. Everywhere are signs of aerial traffic and converse, and many flying vessels hover about without a shred of fear. In the center of the city lies a large seeming hill, which is actually hollow and filled with huge tunnels, each a city unto itself, and on top of that lies a giant dome held aloft on towers, beset with musical horns and bells and gongs. This is the temple to the Elder Ones. The city is alien in architecture, with a hint of some features also seen in the west of the Kingdom, which might be construed as central asian, tibetan, mongolian and Chinese, but that’s a superficial resemblance. To the north of Iganok lies the city of Urg, and they are the most common trading partner. The land around Inganok is barren, empty, desolate and terrifying – with thunderous lightning storms rolling over the gnarled cliffs. The land is distinctly exotic and non-terrestrial and all the proportions feel off. Only few farms are found here and there. The people of Inganok are genetically diverse and no longer human. Some carry the blood of the gods, or The Great Ones. They are however visibly not related to the Alfar. In the city live some five million inhabitants, of which a minority is still somewhat human. For people from Inganok, the sea is their lover and Mistress, and all learn to swim and sail at a young age. No cats dwell in Inganok, which is a source of great regret to the people of Inganok. The Veiled King rules Inganok, and he remains every hidden in his many palaces. In the Great Dome is a lair of Shantak and it is said the father of all Shantaks resides there. In the city there are many breeders of Shantaks, and Shantaks eggs are traded widely.

Ipsthapquaffle (Magical Guild, University)



Isaron Kamatszoon


A fairly famous half Sidhe, allegedly a half Glade Nymph female. She allegedly resembled a Fae Nelra to human sensibilities, but was decidedly more volluptuous to the elven eye. Ishtar has made a reputation as an adventuress, dwelling in the southern kingdom and occasionally visiting Rinyldissen. She has been spotted with one Khannea, one Mellancthe, and a range of other ‘lewd’ elves and Riszan degenerates. There is gossip she brokers liaisons between eager elves and noblemene, which garnered her the reputation of being some sort of Pimp. In her early career she slew a Green Dragon, and consequently used her fame and fortune in a vain attempt to reorganize the peasantry in the vicinity of Rissen, but was hooted out of the city ‘for violating moral laws’. Ishtar was married to a female nelra. 

Ivan Herran Augustus Dragonrender