Fadscar Penal District

Fantastic Realms, The

The Fantastic Realms is a common name for the continental part of the South which contain both beautiful and nightmarish, and sometimes incomprehensible lands, realms and zones. Many who land on these shores are never seen again. Some sailors claim that the edge of the world lies beyond the most western of these realms. 

Farastus (Demon)

Far North, The

An island chain regon ruled by several Shogunates, Kingdoms and Warlords, akin to (and spiritually connected to) the oriental regions of Japan, Korea to Indonesia. There is limited diplomatic engagement of the Kingdom in these regions, whereas one Shogun has a permanent diplomatic presences in Shyskabyl.  

Filth (Dirtlings), the

Educated Dreamers are faintly aware of other dimensions. The consensus is there are at least a dozen or more, but the most prominent one is part of an alien ans hostile universe where the laws of nature are cursed and where there are only humans, and these humans are secretly managed by pervasive vampiric elites competing with magi. This world is hated by people in the Dreamlands, and is called with condescending names. Sometimes people from earth learn to transport their consciousness (or even their entire physique in rare cases) to the Dreamlands, and these people tend to become (a) very powerful, (b) tend to be spellcasters or even Magi of sort and (c) gravitate quite strongly towards psychopathy.  

Flying Polyp (Abomination)

Described in terrified, hushed tones – Flying Polyps are more hostile than even Illithids, and more dangerousthan Dragons – an ephemeral and ill-bounded lump of protoplkasmic amoebic slime and cancer, set with complex tendrils, eyes and stalks. It twists and trembles and hisses and pulses as if it exists in a different material phase state.  Blobs break from the floating blob as if connected through a higher dimensional reality.  Polyps are an invasive species (?) that does not barter, does not ever retreat, does not ever negotiate. It settles a place and is either dormant, or it will expand. Flying Polyps exist under dozens of other names. There a several places ijn the central Dreamlands where their unique gargantuan pillar hives exist – sometimes kilometer high general vertical slabs of black basalt set with holes and ‘melted fractal kataramenoglyphs’.  When awakened a Hive functions much like a city sized Nest of Killer Hornets – all attack and keep attacking. In prolonged war with serious enemies (and we are talking hundreds of years of constant war) these hives become “creative” and grab their enemies and turn Polypous adversaries into truly insane horrors. It is said that in one such confrontation a million years ago, the Fungy took Dragonkin and turned them in to some kind of ‘proto-beholders’, and some of these can still be found on the fringes of some hives. Flying Polyps initially act as sophisticated as animals but quickly seem to grow a sentence and bizarre methodological yet lateral approach to problemsolving. They somehow use very strange and diverse magical abilities . 

Fontroy (Duchy)

Forest of Monoliths, The

Forgidden Lands, The

Forforan (Fortorani)

Kyrkun Tribe

Formless Spawn (Abomination)

Franche, (Duchy)


Fthulheim (Duchy)

Fungi From Yuggoth (Abomination)

Fungus Forest, The