Badlander – career


This mighty city lies on the Island of Oriab, with a sprawling sea port. The wharves of Oriab are Porphyry, Quartz, Granite speckled for crystal – and the city rises in sprawling stone terraces up the hills. The buildings are vaguely reminiscient of Venice and Constantinople, with arched streets, wide basars, markets and arcades and bridges between the buildings. Under the city rolls a canal and leads deep into the island lake of Yath. The city has been constructed of the ancient stones of the ruins deeper on Oriab. The harbor has twin beacons affectionately known as Thon and Thal by the natives. The city is home to a lively economy driven by excellent artisans. The island has many artefacts, and up the slopes of Ngranek lie strange stones that can be gathered by the courageous. The city has exotic domesticated animal suggestive of African animals. Baharna is ruled by enlightened sea captains and traders – who government benevolent, wise yet with strict hand. Baharna was settled aeons ago from Lhosk in the Cerennian Sea and maintains friendly relationships.


Bandit – career 

Bannor Hynaril


Barathor (Duchy)

Barbarian – career 

Barbarians tend to be semi-martial, proud, somewhat intellectually backward persons, mostly male, of tribal, nomadic, periphery oriented or anomaly origin characters who mostly loved in relatiove isolation to the central Kingdom. Generally generalized as people who survived small ordeals where many died, and as a result tougher than average people.  

Barber – career 


Bard – career 

Barrister – career

Basalt Pillars Of The West

Bawd – career 


Beastman (Degenerate Humanoid)

Beekeeper – career 

Beggar – career

Begoth (Legitimate Deity)

A deity most strongly associated with cities, trade, archery, the good life, politeness, wit, feasts, gardening. 


Benthusia (Great Duchy)

Besbodh (Duchy)

Duchy Besbodh is composed of Barony Confidentzia, Barony Huiahul, Enclave Dhalari, Enclave Lun Qathaak, Barony Ermacora, Barony Sophorith, Barony Heddrephul, Barony Staszu and the Kathuqak Enclave.

Bhadi (Mountain)

Bhar Nyxus (Duchy)


Bholes are horrific and intricate wormshaped horrors in the deeper underdark and Netherworld. They are rarely able to be seen, as they exist in the extrasensory void below the Underdark, and only venture about in conditions where sight is impossible and all things are blind. Several dead spicemen have been found though, and they are hundreds of meters long, weigh as much as battleships. Most are found in the Vale of Pnath. Bholes are believed to be a distant relative of Dholes. 


A moderately wellknown Riszan fixer and troublesolver. He has been a known pharmacist who has written about toxicology. He has been called a “rat” for talking a lot to the authorities.


A species of densely muscled, fang toothed, broadchested and broadbellied humanoids, about 190 centimeters tall. Despite their menacing appearance, they are solemn, quiet and peaceful, with eyes set  wide under thick eyerbows. Bidzishe are a species with migrates between the far north, as far as the Bohemian badlands and all the way south as far as , and primarily eat roots, insects, small rodents, boiled leaves and mushrooms. They travel to the region around the Nhudri grazing range, iaround Vuadiyea and take part in the seasonal slaughter of Nhudri. They are a welcoming species and love fine wine and ale and stories, but their speech is hard to decypher due to their overgrown teeth. Bidzishe faith centers on the worm lands east of the Bohemian Badlands, and they both fear the worms greatly and sacrifice to them with awe. Their shamans are said to be able to call the worms and ask them for intervention. 


A not so prominent Riszan who was at once time loosely associated with the “DarkBlades”, but allegedl betrayed the legendary “Shadowmancer”, to curry the favors of some woman. However  The Shadowmancer saw this coming and Bigby fell into a trp. Bigby now infests the Arena, and apparently “has gold”, and doesn’t dare venture out of the arena and hasn’t for decades.

Billmoor, Marquizate

On the border directly overlooking the lands surrounding Dylath Leeen, 

Black, “The” (Metaphysical Order)

An illicit, extremely dangerous criminal order housing all kinds of willworkers, wizards, warlocks, dark witches, assassins, career criminals and more sinister types.  Think “The most misantropic of Libertarians”. The Black Sephulcher espouses to be the most ambitious, the most productive and consequently the least “altruist” faction in the Kingdom. They espouse sociopathy and complete disinterest in anything other than selfish self-direction. Black Sepulchrist loathe goodness as a form of parasitical utility and weakness.  The organization is ideally composed of the strongest people, the most ambitious, the most talented. Such an ideology had made the movement ‘pretty much’ illegal in the Kingdom.  The movement tends to be consistently atheist.  The leader of the organization is a Dreamer Lich by the name of MATERNA, allegedly a Dreamer of the Waking Lands. She manifested in the dream first centuries years ago, and became a lich close to 220 years ago.  Another well-known name in the Dark Arc circles is one Master Vulcanus, one of the best known Necromancers, who acts as Mercenary, and has extensive investments in the Jungles of Parg, and all the way south to Tortuga and Dylath Leeen.  The Black has established heredetary feuds with the Golds and Greens.  Typically there is a consensus among Arrikhani “the sea is a bad place”, and all that dwells therein is horrible. 

Blue  Man, The

A Kharanh Draconian traveling north of Hathzoril.

Blue, “The” (Metaphysical Order)

Blue Sky Lightning Order


The Blupe is an enchanted creature, which migrates through dimensions effortlessly. It is occasionally found in strong magickal places, such as Caerns, but prefers dark environments. These aee several variants of Blupe, but the most common variant is about a meter, looks fragile and transparant. Blupe have cleary visible internal organs and most Blupe glow a soft ephemeral light and make a buzing bum. Blupe are mostly harmless. 

Boatman – career 

Bohemian Badlands

Bone Picker – career

Someone of very low birth, low career skills, low talents and almost no material property, who collects trash and tries to sell it. These people are little more than beggars. Most are a little crazy.  Bonepickers are uncommon except in the larger cities. These are people with no discrenible skills, income or possessions and they learn the streets, gather discarded junk and try make a living out of reselling junk. Most die of disease or starvation, or freeze in winters. In the city of Rissen about 1% of people classifies as bonepickers, and they are regarded as a nuisance. They are the lowest of the low. In the Arena well over one twentiteth of people are at some time during the year qualify “bonepickers”, self identified or not. In the surrounding lands Beggars are an almost unknown concpet – most Lords have them arrested and forcibly put to work. 

Book of Eibon

Boris Freeboer

The unofficial ‘Master Extortionist’ of the Legion of Extortionists. 

Boris Ordner

The curent elected and appoointed major of Rissen. He is a very tall man of firm built, always dressed in somber black, with a very cynical expression. Boris rules from his bed, receiving dignitaries reading reports, people sitting by his bedside. He is very loved and respected, but the rich and elites complain about his lack of influence. He is effectively hidden from view, but is always very present in official capacity. He is a commoner, since the Major of Rissen is legally not allowed to be a Nobleman.


Best described as a thickly furred baboon or ape with wings.  Their faces are repugnantly hideous. Bouba are rare but very problematic as they are fiercely territorial.  Bouba are somehow linked to the metaphysical force of “Balance” and can oranize and gang up on metaphysical extremes. As such some Bouba can align with Dragons. 

Bnazic Desert

In the lands of Mnar lie a desert where people live that are of swarthy and aloof character. Ancient and exotic creatures live that are native to alien deserts. The people of Bnazie are tacticurn and many are hostile. The deserts of Mnar and Bnazie are very strange in places, and scattered with strange growths and rocks – sometimes more like an oceanic plain or undersea than a desert. The sands come in many colors, sometimes blue or green or gray, and the animals are similarly strangely patterned or glow in the dark.

Buemevore (Duchy)

Branzoril (Duchy)

Brawler – career 

Brethren (Duchy)

Brightstone (Legendary Character)

A very tall half elven woman, once a human but now become immortal. She once was a sacred Knight of Galton but lost her faith and joined an order of medicians. She is centuries old and a very kind person. There has been stories of persistent and inexplicable miracles in her presence.


A quite charming Elf of indistinct racial lineage, potentially a mixed race. She is assertive, having been raised by a human parent, with dark hair, bright green eyes. Brina wanders far and wide, a friend of Ishtar, very close to her Elven friend, adnd she has been seen in their close companion for over a century. Brina is a Magician. She has been accused of improper sexual behavior.

Broo (Degenerate Humanoid)


A subspecies of the human flock common in the barbarian lands to the soutwhest of the Kingdom, along the Savage Rim. Bsuejege are jovial tall man ith ruffled bron hair and piercig black eyes. Their women are much smaller and attractive, but difficult to approach, but both have odd faces as they have one molars and one half molar extra in each mouth kwadrant, for a total of 40 teeth. Bsueige make their life as typical farmers and can be found as far east as the Vance Hills. They are quite religious have a unique totem-centric natural faith of endless “genius locii” and nature spirits and don’t commonly orkship Kingdom faiths. Knon for their dissonance music and backards step dances they are occasionally seen on carnivals and caravan serails selling all sorts of fruits and seet meats. Generally good people. 

Buffoon – career 

Bulin (KingApostate )

Bulin is old and tired, many hundreds of years old. He’s a Gnome, and small and quite fat. He lived back in the Great War, and allegedly knew Leonidas (and others) “up close and personal”.  Bulin was a good for nothing Rogue with a big mouth and little redeeming skills most his directionless life. He tagged along mightier people, but finally bought one of the most venerated Inns of the capital city, The Shur, and exploited it for decades with some level of competency. Then the Traitors Gorge collapse happened during the late stages of the Great War, and dark forces made Bulin claim Hanging Town as a counterclaim to the Kingdom, using established borderland laws. Bulin is now old, bitter and very tragic, a King in a small Kingdom of scoundrels, outcasts and scum. His palace is a floating skull castle, rather THE floating skull from legends, even though not many know this. Bulin is a key player in the Elixer Vitae trade, and well connected in the Netherworld.


A massive predatory marine reptile, much like a sea serpent like sharp, family to the monitor lizzard. These are extremely aggressive hunters, competing with all manner of sraks, and they are most common north of the middle sea, but often wander south. The biggest specimen are over 20 meters long, and weigh over 10 ton. iIs diet would includes virtually any animal; it likely preyed on bony fish, sharks, cephalopods, birds, and other marine reptiles including sea turtles and other mosasaurs. It likely preferred to hunt in open water near the surface. (qv – Mesosaurus) 

Byakhee (Extremely Dangerous Abomination)

An aggresive, predatory monstrosity about as big as a Quetzatlcouatlicus Pterodactyl (and shaped similarly) that occasionally wanders in the Dreamlands. They are said to will almost always attack and devour organic life. Alleged to inhabit very cold rock mountains in the depths of space in complex hives. There is considerable diversity between various strains of Byakhee, and they may not constitute a single species but rather an endlessness of interstellar ecologies inhabiting the same niche in interstellar voids. Mages call these beings “Havocs”.