Widespread armed insurrection in the U.S.

The time has come for bold predictions.

Let me go on the record by stating that we will see a very sudden emergence of an “ARM” or armed american resistnance movement, composed in large parts of militia and veterans. This movement will emerge very suddenly and all across the CONUS in 2012 and will seek to overload federal authorities with concerted arts of violence. Yes I am saying we will see stirring well resembling armed revolt in the United States of America, within months.

Furthermore these ‘paroxisms’ will emerge quite sudden, since they realize those taking part would realize they must get organized and act with great determination and haste. I also predict the organizers will initially will ignore (scorn) any of the ‘mainstream’ (corporate bought) US media (even though stations such as RT and Al Jazeera will report more objectively or even evolve to be a platform, for their statements in late 2012) but these resistance groups will indeed not just overwhelm federal responses and units – in many cases there will be clues these federal units (including the armed forces, the FBI, the CIA and the NSA) will start to tacitly support these groups, or will be in collusion with these groups (not faux collusion – actual “betting on two horses by middlepeople).

All this will either result very quickly in

1 – widespread diffuse demographic violence in 2012-2013, that will fork to other countries
2 – the very quick emergence of an uniquely new type of state power or species of middleman power (much like afghan warlords) in the US.
3 – and/or a state of emergence in the US and/or worldwide
4 – and/or a military coup in the US in 2012-2015.

The United States is already well in to the ranges of systemic collapse. The building is still there, the wood has long since become peat. Anyone with any sense can clearly see the U.S. financial and corporate elite has been holding a liquidation sale throughout most of G.W.’s second presidential term. A proper analysis will see nearly evidence national elites (people with a few million US$ assets or more) will have resources, houses outside the US.

Do a study of outstanding open plane tickets with air companies and you will get a nice mental image of their near future expectations. The 1% has left the building.

It is becoming clear this whole Occupy movement can quite successfully express dissatisfaction and while doing so can keep expanding. And “the 99%” can most certainly disrupt daily function of the US – and it can damage the stock exchange ratings! So in effect the US Prison-Industrial complex has little recourse but to crack down on this OWS movement by any means possible. Many in the loop are realizing cracking down is an utterly unsustainable “marie antoinette” strategy. It is like going to a bull fight, with the intent to shovel shit from a life bull with a spoon. With the agitated bull still around. The more the federal apparatus and the media and the corporate-financial squid tries to disrupt (expression of) popular discontent, or even mock it with rather stale O’Reilley strategies, the more vivid the popular dissatisfaction will evolve to be. In fact all of these these efforts are clearly amplifying the popular discontent. This is what we call “inflection point”. It is too late now, or “leaders” completely fucked it up. Them doing nothing would be ridiculous. It is just that for those in power cracking down has effectively become even more useless.

But repression is in the nature of the system. The system cannot respond any other way than with repression.

The current socio-economic paradigm can not placate the demands of the 99% protests; honouring any demands of this occupy movement would collapse the intensely corrupt foundation of the current global geopolitical system in a rather sudden and catastrophic manner. The system is overextended in all directions probably by a factor of ten.

So my prediction is the US resistance movements are already training – and have been for some time. And have been doing professionally so. And since they realize they would be co-opted
from militia’s,
and by nutballs,
and by adventurers,
and by dominionists
and by secessionists
and by gun nuts,
and by meth peddlers,
and by gung ho nationalists
and racists
and white trash groups,
and by immigration xenophobes,
and by rogue militaries,
and by vigilantes
and by paramilitary
units and by infiltrants,
and by foreign sponsored groups
and by criminal gangs
and quite often all of these blended in strange hybrids)

these ARMs must have early on chosen the only sensible strategy – a very disorganized cell structure with directives “nobody can disagree on”. I am positive there already is a network of web sites outside the US much based on the ANON network that can act as a channel of last resort for these groups. These strategies are old and tested.

The best course of action would be for them to disrupt specific critical federal activities. I don’t know which ones would be key targets, but my estimate would be ones having to do with federal revenue generation, such as tax auditing, law enforcement or subsidies. Or the actual recognition of money. At a later stage I can also see these resistance groups attack US federal or state prisons, and conduct “join us or die” proceedings with the inmates, which will explosively cause this to turn in a transnational firestorm very quickly – the groups will divvy up prison inmates in to three categories – useless and send home, execute on the spot, join the resistance. I can even see prison guards join these movements at a later stage.

Many of the resistance acts and attacks will be cosmetic initially, but will quickly become deadly serious. The US state is bankrupt and overextended like a man shovelling shit of an angry bull with a spoon, with the bull nearby. Blindfolded. In a wheelchair. Any civil unrest spurred on by reistance acts of violence will quickly collapse any financial stability. There will be copycats and riots and then the looting will start – and that is what these groups will bet on. Many resistance fighters will want to see state secession. These groups universally hate the (current) financial sectors. As such I expect to also see a lot of Robin Hood activity – holding up of local banks in public acts of defiance, and giving the money taken to the public. Taking over local offices of the FBI, taking the weapons, and giving the weapons to local militia groups. It won’t take me long to come up with hundreds of easy things to do that will inflict unspeakable systemic infrastructural damage on the US.

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Washington wouldn’t have any sensible idea how to respond. The “terrorists!” card would only work for so long.

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