When Gods Die

A long time ago, when the world was far more barbaric, there was a need for a house of peace and hope. This house became a temple, where people expressed their dreams and aspirations. These buildings became temples, and while for a while many temples were by and large horrible places of sacrifice, slowly they evolved to be somewhat more sober, and they became churches. This is of course a rather simple representation of history.

But finally we have arrived at the point where we see the Church itself, and specifically Catholic Church, end. I insist, yes, Catholicism is ending, the very ideological bulwark of Catholicism is shaking and toppling, and effectively Catholicism has been sidelined into the margins of culthood. This is about the deconstruction of perceptions and authority. Catholicism used to be authoritative and now it has become distinctly distasteful. I may later on enhance this blog post why I think Catholicism is done for and headed for the dustbins of history.