What might cause another 9/11?

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“Terrorism” is a form of uncivilized, low-intelligence third world desperation not much dissimilar to vandalism on steroids. It should never have become a military or espionage objective – terrorism should simply be a law enforcement issue at worst, a psychiatric care issue at best.

The US won’t be budged by terrorism – terrorism will never be big enough. It should be self-evident that those in charge of the monetary system (oil, pentagon, banking, career politicians, industry) have a stake in contriving of a whole ecology of states of emergency.

This has been an excruciatingly predictable mechanism for rallying support ever since the first dead child was blamed on Frankenstein’s monster. Or on the gypsies. Whatever works, right?

What will however get the US on its knees before long, would be the tsunami of negative opinion, world wide. The US is extremely dependent on international credibility, and by now the love credit of the US world wide is pumping more vinegar than Ghawar is pumping up brine.

Once enough people internationally start to really loathe the imbecile and desperate antics of the US, there will be a consensus to dump the green heroin – the dollar is so intensely vulnerable by now it takes a handful of bankers somewhere outside the US to crash the current system. If I were a pissed off suicidal broker on the right spot in Singapore I could bring down the US by selling a huge amount of held dollars. The wings of a butterfly can now start a selling spree and within the month US voters would pay 20$ for a gallon of gas.

At a certain point the US stops functioning and makes no sense, much like Octoberfest without beer makes little sense. Once we are in that context, we’ll see US states secede, food riots, empty supermarkets, US soldiers deserting in the hundreds of thousands, ten million person occupy marches and before long you’ll see the tie/suited charred corpses of bankers, government spooks, politicians and other 1%-ers hanging from lamp posts all over the US.

I am strongly disinclined to visit the US at this stage, even my travel expenses were paid. I see the whole edifice fall down in on itself very quickly. Unless of course I went there to blog about it.