Project Enclave

I’ll keep this simple and short. Project enclave is a project aimed at collecting interested parties, sponsors and funding to

(a) find and secure a large geographical area somewhere on the world, say, a fraction as big as the Netherlands.
(b) develop sustainable real estate in this area, and establish a security apparatus as well as democratic infrastructure.
(c) close a permanent agreement with the host country
(d) liberate all females in oppressed countries, in specific Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, et. al. and if they are so willing facilitate their emigration from the country of origin as to find a safe haven from religious/tribal oppression and killing.

The goal would be to create an economic safe haven for literally millions of women, and to provide them with means for self-governance. In this new region women would engage in economic activity to make the new country profitable, and in these women-centered communities attention would be given to religious deprogramming, education, vocational training and self-defence. The funding would be directed at liberating more women from these specific countries. The end goal would be to escort all women that want to leave to their new place of freedom.

If you are interested to discuss how we might go about this, where we would be able to create this predominantly female community, and specifically if you are interested in providing support or sponsorship, please email me.

The ideal end point would be a severe collapse of female population numbers in these countries, as to trigger immediate and irreversible population decline. If we can facilitate the escape of several million women (and their children) from ruthlessly misogynist nations and relocate them to a new safe haven, I am fairly sure we could create acute and irreversible demographic shifts in a matter of years. These shifts would then create negotiation space for suffrage within these afflicted and criminalized states.

Imagine a few hundred thousand young women of marriage age walking out from Saudi Arabia in ten years – the country would be in total collapse and panic by 2025. What more can you ask for – destroy a nightmare place such as Saudi Arabia by purely peaceful means?