We need to start discussing maximum incomes

This is not working. We need rational boundaries. And yes, those who do not to pay 100% taxes above a certain level should feel encouraged to go live somewhere else.

How much would be enough, for everyone? That’s the simple question that so far lies outside the Overton Window. Few people have given this simple question any reflection – What level of monetary income, and what level of private wealth should be enough? This question is relative to your country. My personal preference is, relative to the entire European Union:

Maximum Private Wealth : 10 billion euro

Maximum Yearly Income : 100 million euro

As you can clearly see, this makes me tolerant of quintessential capitalism. I accept capitalism, but I insist on delineating sane boundaries. At some level private wealth and income becomes insane and therefore unacceptable. Please leave comments where you decide what your boundaries are.