Warhammer 40K, Space Marine

Pubescent and ‘white trash’, but has a nice flow
It’s a shooter, tough guy with sidekicks shoots and chainsaws through enemies.

Most 40K are intellectually and morally somewhat distasteful games. Yes I judge these games – the setting is quite banale. The entire 40K setting is stitched together from an endless sequence a yob fascist fantasies spliced with Aliens. The back story and theme oozes racism. The design is cobbled together stuff (and Blizzard is doing the same to GW) and overstrewn cliche – but the gameplay is not altogether bad. I liked the smoothness of play, and the backdrops were fairly good.

I haver always objected to the caution craven cowardice with GW and associated designers. Cookie cutter game design, always hammering tested and dreary archaic formula’s. I’d love a 40K MMO with more than just Combat, PVP, CtF, questing, mazing and ‘pulling levers’. This genre can surprise me by coming up with novelty and depth, and the best way to do that is break cliche’s. I’d love a territorial 40K MMO where factions engages in complex world politics, player ranking, diplomacy, resource building and manoeuvring. A world with factional warfare (Empire, Eldar, Greenskin, 4 chaos factions, Tau as PC factions).

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