Sanctum (tower defence game)

Splicing game genres has future. While in itself a fairly straightforward 3D immersive shooter grafted on a tower-defence game, this sure has potential. Just the demo was kinda funny. I would not call the design of fields, weapons and barriers/defensive systems very good, but it wasn’t bad either. In essence a number of varied monsters emerge from a set location and make their way to a vulnerable spot – the reactor. If too many monsters reach the reactor, you lose. Monsters have armor, use specialized armor, charge, come in massive amounts, are huge or attack with special trickery.

Clearly this can do with a massive conceptual redesign, but that’s just me. I mean the game works as it is, but I’d seriously want to reinvent it.

Some ideas.
1 – Multiplayer version where players both send monsters to the other side, as well as defend. Monsters can be programmed with special instructions.

2 – a variant of this I’d love to see would be a game with a ‘non traditionally open warfare’ theme. Maybe this game, but with a very recognizable cityscape, and the monsters are gangsters and thugs and assorted cliche city-scape creeps moving towards vulnerable spots? Defences are not just cliche guns – but how about allocating things that “turn”, or “slow” or “reprogram” enemy units? Say – the enemy ‘gangsters’ monsters pass by a fast food restaurant and there is a chance they get snared eating, after which the toons become fatter and slower. Or how about friendly units that have repair functions?

When I see stuff like this I thing “alterac valley could have been so much more engaging”. I am a rabid MMO enthusiast and I can’t stop thinking on ways to create these big, elaborate and well-crafted games for multiple teams.

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