The idea is simple. I wear one or several HD/HDR camera’s on me. I wear either a recording device on me that registers all. When I can afford I wear a means to directly uplink what my camera registers, real-time and united by satelite connectivity. And then I switch the camera on, take enough echargable batteries to record several hours of video and I start walking. It gets interesting when I receive sponsorship – for the equipemnt, for cheap places to stay, for insurance for my equipemnt and for the trip to the destination and back home, and any modets expenses along the way. I record street scenes, much like this:

and occasionally I have lengthy conversations or interviews with interesting people. I go nowhere in particular. If possible I carry a headset or mobile device that allows me to receuive instructions from people on my website, where they bid or vote for me to go to a specific place – as long as I feel moderately safe doing so.

I will try and travel in Europe first, but wider abroad later on, and worldwide if at all possible. The goal is to record from the street, what the world looks like right now, what people think and feel and what is happening right now. It many cases the scenes will be hours of scenes where I will just walk and nothig much will happen, except shots of streets and avenues and landscapes. Sometimes I will see very sad things, sometimes I will see beautiful things and sometimes it will be a little pretentious.

I’ll refrain from comment unless people watching my stream ask me, ideally real-time.

I ealluy think these ‘world cruise’ vida are amazing, but I’d love to see a real time variant, and I’d love to make it and experience it.

It’s along shot. I do not have any investors. Poeple interested in investing in the project – my goal is to monetize (bah dirty word) it eventually, in a tasteful manner, and pay back investors properly. But if someone likes the idea they can also donate.

Send me inquiries at khannea.suntzu@gmail.com with subject matter “walkabout”. If you;’d like offer me suggestions for ideal hardware (affordable, rugged, dirtproof, easily to handle for someone somewhat atechnical, easy, portable and simply to replace – may need to have a spare set eventually) or if you’d like to sponsor me with specific hardware, feel free to make any suggestions.

My goals do have a political dimension. I wish to ask myself why walking, and anyone I talk to, what’s wrong with the world and if so, how we can fix it.

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