Gordian knot is easily cut by declaring all ‘debts’ null and void.

Go insolvent and do not repay. Plain and simple. What are they going to do? Go to war? Alas oil may become a little more difficult to purchase afterwards. But hey, no more foreign-held debt. And you are going there anyway – at some point you will have a debt of 15 or 20 trillion and nobody will loan you money, plain and simple. So you will have to not honor your debtors, either by defaulting or by deflating the dollar to worthlessness. In either case the point will come closer and closer you will lose any and all foreign purchase power. That moment will have the most brutal isolationism ever known in history, as your infrastructure will collapse, your imperial power will collapse. You won’t even be able to afford get your soldiers home from overseas.

It will hurt but it will be for the better. Good riddance.