Twinity. Don’t stop trying.

I am a bit sad looking at Twinity. I mean, it is Sisyphean to get this diamond up the hill. I strongly advocate the people behind Twinity to not give up and keep at it.

I made this snapshot of my twinityness in Anshe Chung’s Palmadora. It is sad, lonely, empty and outdated, but I am very happy someone is trying.

One thought on “Twinity. Don’t stop trying.

  1. hi khannea,

    thanks for your post. this is jeremy from metaversum. we’re not giving up. i hope we’ve been able to show in the past several months that we’re constantly moving forward. you’re right that the task we’ve chosen to undertake is massive, but we really think that we can get there, with time, perseverance, and above all, help from the community. we’ve been working hard on making tools for our members to use to build their own content and make their own contributions to twinity in models, scripts, etc. and we really try to be open to feedback from our community at all times.

    could you tell me what looks dated in your opinion? we’ve got graphics improvements coming in the future, and of course, getting insight on what we could improve is tremendously helpful.


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