Linden Lab is laying off people.

Gwyneth puts the massive lay off at Linden Lab in an interesting perspective.

5 thoughts on “Linden Lab is laying off people.

  1. How long before Linden Lab sues you for copyright infringement?

    1. Not? I am pretty meticulous in my adherence to the rules regarding IP in SL. In fact right now I am sending a batch of articles
      that slipped under their radar to a friendly janitor.
      Why you ask?

      1. Simply that LL are notoriously po-faced about any use of the SL name/logo. I found out recently that the Restrained Life Viewer is now called Restrained Love. So, apparently, the third party viewer agreement prohibits the use even of the words ‘Second’ or ‘Life’ separately. Which seems both silly and unenforceable.

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