The secret harvester strategy of Facebook

Facebook has strategies to make money. I will try and link solid reports as soon as possible so do follow this post, but I have read alarming indications that Facebook does have a policy of rejecting users “likely to not be of relevance to any advertsing sponsors”. While Facebook rapidly grows in the developing world (with all the annoyances that yields in terms of spam and harassment) the medium is actually decreasing in subscriber base in first world countries. There is a sense of widespread facebook fatigue. The end goals of facebook of course remain predatory data mining of users for prospective corporate and intelligence community clients. Governments have done little to resist this emerging hypersurveillance infrastructure because it suits them well.

Face it – facebook can not be trusted. If you have an account there, post as little as possible and report this article on your wall. If you do and you happen to not own a credit card, and your account gets deleted, you’ll know why it happened.

The Harvest !

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