International Debtors Union – The War On “Nexual” Predators

Why not? The current system is driving large parts of humanity into debt slavery or “Nexum”.

The power of unionization is real. A Union can negotiate collective terms. A Union can pool resources and have proactive, assertive, or aggressive strategies to protect victims of predatory credit agencies. Such an entity can stay within the confines of local laws but still attack credits from outside legal national constraints. A list of possible approaches could be –

* Select the most vicious debt collection agency and gang up on them. Pick the biggest bully and ANON them. Name and shame people who work there, publicize their addresses and family members unless they back down.
* Rate debtors in multiple categories, where category (A) are debtors that became such because of externities (such as disease, natural disasters, accidents, crimes of third parties, etc.), and (B) people who created debts very early in life yet remain stuck with them indefinitely because of disability, unemployment, or people who drifted involuntary in debt while impulsive, unstable or otherwise under duress (such as long term unemployment).
* Seek lenient debt cancellation programs and laud those agencies who are charitable and decent people.
* Collectively lobby politicians to push for debtor protection laws, and harsh regulations for creditors. Push for lenient cancellation laws. Harass or Name&Shame politicians or lobby groups that push for draconian debtor laws.
* Protest collectively. Pool union resources collectively. Seek funds collectively from religious groups, anti-usury groups, charities and NGO’s.
* Push to make education free.
* Collectively lobby for soceietal change in how we work with money, debt, credit.
* Educate people on how to avoid debt, show where the predators lurjk to snatch the vulnerable, expose predatory creditors. Bring down the unfair players in the market with a barrage of negative publicity. Create an atmosphere of negative association, for instance by constantly suggesting these credit agencies are innately similar to “nexual” predators or financial rapists.

If anyone thinks this would be a great idea email me at There are many people who agree with my approach.

Nexum must end.

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