The Dutch Pirate Party

The Dutch pirates in a very turmoiled state. Drama comes quickly in these here parts, and many people are in staunch disagreement with one another. A week ago I attended a national assembly (ALV) meeting in Delft. On an impulse I made myself available for inner membership council, and international representation, for which I both am now taken under advisement. The process of approval for these positions is decidedly ambiguous and there appears to be a certain level of interpersonal complexity clouding this decission process.

Samir, who is quite wellknown in Pirate circles in Europe, and myself are closely looking at developments and possibilities, including certain political contingencies in the Hague municipality council, as per electoral process. Looking at the carrying capacity of local pirates this idea looks distant, although there interesting possibilities emerging.

Many pirates are warm and delightful, others are wracked with suspicion and some measure of disillusionment. As said, stuff is at a fever pitch, fwiw.

I will be attending a meeting in Maastricht on 14-15 December. I am scheduled to do a 30 minute keynote there, where I will be (extremely cautiously) navigating the highly unstable world we are living in, and the value of Pirate thinking (especially emphasizing the need to lateral thinking solutions in political policy thinking) in world problems.

I may be in the Maastricht are a few days early, offering my help where needed. If you are in the area look me up.