No. More. Nuke. Tax.

For 60 odd years this planet has been subjected to a global world order under American rule. This rule was welcomed after WW2, rationalized after nazi atrocities and fear of soviet authoritarianism and scare mongering, but most of all,

it is a dreadull artifact of nuclear force projection.

This hegemony allowed the US to leverage the US dollar onto the world as a reserve currency. This has given america an unequal share of the riches of the planet and has in effect acted as an unfair taxation on every non-anerican on this planet.

No more.

US force projection, nuclear or otherwise, ends this year or the next. The military apparatus the US has expanded to coerce and intimidate this planet has run the U.S. into the ground. This year or the next the US economy will crash and burn catastrophically. As a result the accursed dollar hegemony will end. I call upon everyone to get rid of this horrendous monstrosity as soon as possible. Do not be caught holding this gangrenous bloodied leaf when the day of reckoning comes. Very soon a Dollar will be a worthless millstone around your neck.

To all Americans with sense – leave. Get out as soon as you can. Get a foreign stay permit, preferably in two different countries. I can host two refugees, first come basis, but it won’t be pretty since I am not rich. Turn in your US passport. Get out while your still can. I can sponsor an NL MVV for a suitable partner (even though I suck to live with) if that’s what it takes. I may know people who can make you a similar offer. Do not get caught in a dying city with riots, empty supermarkets, brownouts, burning buildings, striking police forces and looting gangs.

Get prepared and LEAVE. Having a gun will be the last thing to save you. Having a gun will mean you will be the first to be targeted by Police and paranilitary units.

Having food reserves will only mean marauding gangs will be the first to target YOU.

The world has had enough of this madness.