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Astrophysicist, Geologist, & Web bots agree: Extreme seismic activity due sometime late March


Apparently U.S. geologist Jim Berkland, British Astrophysicist Piers Corban, and Web Bot creator Clif High all agree that late March (19th-28th) is a dangerous window for serious earthquake/weather action. All three of their conclusions are based on the theory that the Sun drives the climate on the Earth and that there is a direct correlation between heavy Sun activity and Earth geological, seismological, and atmospheric activity.

On March 16, U.S. geologist Jim Berkland forecast a seismic window and potential for a massive quake on the Pacific West Coast between March 19th to March 26. Berkland, who successfully predicted the 1989 San Francisco Bay earthquake four days in advance, cited the fact that several natural phenomena, including the closest approach of the moon to the earth since 1992, plus a full moon coinciding with the equinoxal tide, as factors that could trigger a major quake in this time period. He also cited anomalous behavior on the part of fish on the Pacific West Coast in recent weeks.

Three massive earthquakes have struck one after the other, circling the Ring of Fire in the past year, says Berkland. If this clockwise trend continues, that places the Pacific NW next in line.

Now Piers Corbyn, a British astrophysicist reports, “the world is now in one of its most extreme solar-lunar driven weather and earthquake/volcano events situations for at least 66 years and very likely twice that.” Berkland suggests that in this top seismic window in years, the west coast of the United States is a high-risk area. Piers Corbyn is less specific on the location but believes the time of highest risk is in the five-day period of March 23-27.

According to Corbyn, it was the X Class solar flare of March 10, 2011, that caused a significant hit on the Earth by a coronal mass ejection, which was reported by NASA. He says this, in turn, triggered the massive Japan super quake (M=9.0) the following day.

Corbyn says we are entering a “ladder of extremes as the special solar-lunar situation of early solar cycle 24 powers up.”

Clif High, of the Web Bot project, also agrees. The Web bots have been credited with predicting 9/11, the 2003 Sumatra Indonesia quake, the Gulf Oil Spill, and the firing of General Stanley McCrystal, among other things (but they have also had several misses as well).

Nevertheless, Clif High also has detected a sharp shifting from building tension to release language in their data on March 25th, 2011 as a result of some manifestations regarding earth activity. Specifically, the language of the data surrounds a [separating earthquake] located on the North American continent. However, Clif pointed out in a recent interview that the “separating” does not directly relate to a physical earthquake separation but perhaps more the economic affect of the earthquake itself. Clif also proposes that the release language on the 25th could be caused by something other than the earthquake (such as more radiation fears, etc), but maintains that an actual major earthquake on the North American continent would follow in the near future, regardless.

This is obviously a difficult article to write before-the-fact because modern science does not recognize the ability to “predict earthquakes”. Yet, there are individuals with what would be considered “alternative science” that have arguably predicted such things before.

It should be noted that we would normally not post such “predictions” if it were not for the synchronicity and astonishingly specific agreement between these different individuals who have dissimilar backgrounds yet also some credibility with having had some correct predictions before. It’s an interesting correlation at the very least, but hopefully we can all have a good laugh in April and move on to deal with the problems we already have… as if the world doesn’t have enough of them… Stay Tuned.