Movie Pitch – Scar, Stripe and the Far City

I had this dream tonight.

It’s warm over here IRL, temperatures in the 30s, and nights are short, fevered and sweaty. I had a late pizza last night (couldn’t eat anything all day) and that always gives me restless dreams. This night the dream was a little more graphic than usual. I am going to present it here as a movie pitch.

A very colorful CGI movie set in a postapocalyptic east coast USA. The movie is about rats in a hyper-realistic CGI ‘barrage of eye candy’ rendition of a world set a century from now. The movie is not funny, even though the ‘conan the barbarian’ unmitigated hard fantasy ambiance can be a bit tongue in cheek. Two homosexual rats – stripe and scar – are the toughest warrior rats the world has ever seen but suffer terrible persecution from their tribe. They both carry katana’s fashioned of letter openers. The movie is bloody and gory and not for young children. In the story Stripe and Scar are set by their tribal shaman to travel the length of Manhattan, from the Bronx to a strange structure known as The Hulk at the tip of Manhattan. Shaman Rat (“chisel”) has had a vision he gets every year from consulting the deity Google. Manhattan is all ruins – but some very strange humans (behemoths) survive. The city is filled with colorful warrior fiefdoms of rats and other small animals and everywhere in the ruins are very weird and very smart robots. The voyage is a sequence of vast panoramic scenes of a half-destroyed Manhattan and is a 2+ epos of pitched battles with very little humor. During the voyage Scar discovers he has cancer of the scrotum and pulls emotionally away from his love, Patch, who then fights not just to get to The Hulk, but also to help forgive Scar forgive himself, and then save both their lives. At the end of the movie they reach the hulk (A Google Server Farm) – the great secret is revealed (why the world is the way it is and why rats and other animals talk) and Scar is saved by becoming a postoperative girl rat and both becoming immortal rats ruling Manhattan, Queen Scar and King Patch and they bring back civilization to the world.

I am open to discuss terms if anyone wants to make this movie. I can write a first draft script in a month, the idea is already very firmly set in my head.