Cluster Headaches

Indulge me a bit of self-pity for a second. A few hours ago I had a moderate Cluster Headache attack. It’s OK, didn’t last long and the neighbours didn’t call the police (I tend to scream). I suppose this is the price I pay for being this fabulous.

Having them, about oh 2-3 times a year now (used to be once a month) has had a considerable effect on my psyche. In whole or in part I suffer from post traumatic stress because of them. They may be causally linked or intertwined with my manic-depressive (or “euphoric-introspective”) states or cycles. They always occur as an escalated migraine. Relpax helps fairly well, but clearly I use too much of the stuff. This time the trigger was a severely unwanted phone call of a relative a few days ago, and eating late in the evening. The sweltering summer heat may also have contributed. I have postulated there is a weak component remiscient of Kleine-Levin, and my therapist regarded that as not implausible. Funny enough my playmate and soon to be spouse in Mexico also clearly exhibits symptoms of Kleine-Levin but over there the affliction isn’t even diagnosable. We also both have something like ADHD.

Looking at the painting I made during the attack is now, after the attack extremely distressing. I always say – Cluster Headaches are my evidence we live in an uncaring, catastrophic and largely incontinent universe – and we as an species have the duty to repair or re-engineer every aspect of it.